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Community Survey {+ Giveaway!}

Hey Beauty! We’re in the middle of some changes around here {watch this space – March 5 it all changes!}. To help with this, we’d love to learn more about our readers and community. So, we created a short…

Practicing Self-Care In A Challenging Season |
Honest Life

Practicing Self-Care In A Challenging Season

There are times in life where we find ourselves entering a challenging season, whether it be a season we knew was coming or a sudden, unexpected one. While these challenging seasons can be emotionally draining they can also leave…

Small Victories And Living With Anxiety |
Mental Health

Small Victories And Living With Anxiety

I remember exactly what I felt when my doctor first told me that he thought I had depression and anxiety. Relief. That’s the best way I can describe it. Relief that there was an explanation, that someone understood what…


3 Habits I Learned From Freelancing

When I first thought of “freelancing”, it sounded very loose and unstructured. Like something you did on your own terms that didn’t require the same level of a commitment as a “real” job or running a business. When I…

When We Gather |
Food Journal Radiant

When We Gather

Embers filled with powerful warmth. Burning without flames, bringing us closer together as we all try to find shelter from the enduring chill. Human beings have always built communities, and often the strongest communities are those that remain close,…

How To Rest On Purpose |
Life Mental Health

How To Rest On Purpose

When people ask you “How has your week been?” Is your first response “busy”? Maybe I’m the only one who seems to constantly be replying with “good, but busy!” Do you ever have those busy days that turn into…