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Hospitality Begins With You |
Community Journal

Hospitality Begins With You

My husband and I just celebrated our first anniversary! We’ve been on so many adventures in just one year. One of those adventures has been building a home together. Making a beautiful home has always been a dream of…

Community Recipe

3 Simple Appetizers For Developing Community

I’m a foodie – have always loved gathering people together around a table and enjoy good food and deep conversations. I love to host others and I think there’s something that comes from sharing your table that gives people…

Stop Hiding {Poem} |
Inspired Poem

Stop Hiding {Poem}

stop hiding stop hiding. stop waiting for life to happen. life is happening already below your feet, above your head, all around you. life is this moment. stop waiting for your song to find you; start singing. + +…

Stepping Out Of Motherly Guilt |

Stepping Out Of Motherly Guilt

We hold our first child in our arms and our lives are never the same again! They consume our hearts, our minds and our whole world as we look into their little face and know that our lives are…

The Art Of Listening |
Honest Journal

The Art of Listening

Have you ever sat outside at dusk as the wind is gaining courage, swiftly flowing through tall grass and rustling the leaves of trees? Have you simply sat and listened? Memorizing every beat, following nature’s melody. Listening is truly one…