The Free Woman celebrates and empowers feminine hearts to lead lives of beauty, goodness, and justice in every area of influence.

The Free Woman: She is so lovely, so free |


The modern woman is a multi-faceted beauty by design. She is created with layers of goodness in character and dreams that deserve to be tapped into and expressed. Her life is intentionally wild as she embraces where she is currently on the journey, while taking steps toward the destination ahead. She is a believer in herself and others, choosing to celebrate them and celebrate herself when comparison and doubt comes knocking. She seeks to lead a life worth following, and a life that leaves a mark.

Above all, she is so lovely, so free.

The Free Woman embodies and explores these five character and lifestyle traits:

  • Inspired | Explore, Journal, Poetry, Culture
  • Radiant | Beauty, Wellness, Style, Food
  • Honest | Emotional and Mental Health, Relationships, Friendships
  • Influential | Leadership, Personal Development, Career
  • Aware | Social Justice, Humanitarian, Not-for-profit Organisations

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Meet Bethany Morris // Founder & Editor-in-chief

Bethany is a Melbourne girl who is often seen with her iPhone and latte (or earl grey tea) in hand. She’s a writer, known for her signature giggle, and is all about living honestly.

As a nine year old looking at a magazine rack in a store, she told her mum that “one day I’m going to create my own magazine and make it beautiful so the girls reading it know they are beautiful and valuable”. In June 2014 The Free Woman was launched!

If you ever find yourself in Melbourne, Australia, please reach out – she would love to meet you for coffee in one of the city’s golden cafes!

Instagram: @bethjae | Twitter: @bethanyjae

– top image credit: Kaihla Tonai