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Jessica Moody

  • Personal Development

    Failure, My Teacher

    I was the foreign kid, an Australian in an American high school. I wiped my wet palms on my jeans as I waited for the teacher to return the marks of my…

  • Culture Journal

    The Seeing Place

    Imagine a place where you would confront a scene that was potentially pulled out of your emotional memory tank, and you share the plight of the storytellers then you walk away…

  • Journal

    You Are Here

    Many of us face the immensity of the responsibilities of the powerful should. I should do this. I should be that. I should. I was a victim of the rat race,…

  • Honest

    Bravery Of The Soft Hearted

    Yesterday I did something I had not done in a very long time. I cried. I stood frozen while attempting to will my tears back where they came from. They escaped…

  • Honest

    The Art Of Good Company

    A Turkish proverb professes ‘No road is long without good company’. Good company is a necessary and enriching ingredient in our lives. In my experience, good company refreshes me, elevates me…

  • Personal Development

    Find Your Focus

    A few months ago I felt like someone had put me in a blender with my projects and commitments then pushed start. I was getting whiplash moving from one task to…