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Sara Dreier

  • Relationships

    The Gray Area

    The pre-cursor to a dating relationship, as many of us have experienced: the “talking” stage. The in-between. Purgatory, if you will. So, what is one to do when the gray area…

  • Poem

    My Body Is

    My Body is a miracle, part of a great design. My Body is incomparable. My Body is more than a broken reflection in a mirror. My Body moves me to action.…

  • Identity Inspired Journal

    Free Your Complacent Heart

    Have you ever felt like you’re floating? Not in a weightless, joyful way but a kind of stagnant funk that’s slowly crept upon you? There’s a good chance nothing particularly bad…

  • Honest

    Love And Be Loved

    Hovering over my stationary bike, beads of sweat running down my face and gasping for breath, I began to question why I decided to put myself through the sixty minutes of…