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    Honest Mental Health Poem

    How Are You?

    How Are You - Poem By Carly Bell |

    I am doing well.
    Not the same as usual,
    It’s different this time.

    This well looks like
    Counselling sessions,
    Tears on the couch.
    Like calling a friend
    Since no one is there.

    Like taking adventures
    Despite exhaustion,
    Or painting childlike scenes
    To find playtime.

    This well looks like
    Spending too much time
    Scrolling through feeds
    Wondering why
    They’re there
    And I’m not.

    It looks like depression.
    It looks like anxiety.

    Like uncontrollable tears and
    Hiding in tight spaces
    To feel
    Covered, enclosed,
    Hidden, small.

    Like vocalizing weakness,
    A need for help.
    Digging up pieces of my past
    That I was convinced were
    Even nonexistent.

    This well looks like
    Recognizing anger and hurt,
    Allowing them to move from
    Simply negative emotions to
    Ones natural
    To the human experience.

    Because that, ultimately,
    Is what wellness is:
    It is being a
    Whole human,
    Not defined by
    Her happiness,
    Smile, or
    Ability to consistently
    Have it all together.

    Not defined by
    Her ideal self.

    In this season,
    I am well.
    Because in this season,
    For the first time in a lifetime,
    I am whole.

    – image by Brooke Cagle

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