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  • The Key To Video Confidence |
    Influence Journal

    The Key to Video Confidence

    The Key To Video Confidence… is you! Usually I can tell just by the way my curly hair sets after letting it air dry if I’m going to have a confident,…

  • Journal

    Finding Rest While Dancing In The Rain

    It is important to remember to breathe. I am thirty nine thousand feet in the air and I keep forgetting to breathe. I am not scared of flying or of heights,…

  • Journal

    Why I Stopped Writing For Over A Year

    “There is a season for wildness and a season for settledness, and this is neither. This season is about becoming.” – Shauna Niequist Writing had always been one of my favourite…

  • Journal

    When You “Feel All The Feels”

    They might laugh in sympathy. And they’d tell you to grow thick skin if they really knew all the emotions you feel. I don’t take criticism or controversy lightly. When it…

  • Journal Personal Development

    Life After Failure

    Life does not always go as planned. That’s one of the most annoying statements of truth, ever. But it’s a huge dosage of truth.  Even the best plans, fail.  When you…

  • Journal

    Celebrate Her

    She must be something special. She is. Celebrate her. She loved life and it loved her back. Celebrate her passion. She listened to her heart above all other voices. Celebrate her…

  • Identity Journal

    To The Weary: Thoughts On Rest

    After a chaotic whirlwind of events, have you ever looked around at your life and wondered aloud as you stood in the hurricane-wreckage, “Uh … who am I and how did…