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    Verity Vareé’s True Beauty Kickstarter Campaign

    Verity Varee

    “Verity means “truth.” Vareé means “to strike.” Our goal at Vv is to “strike truth” about beauty, womanhood, and authentic living.”

    If you’ve been around The Free Woman for any amount of time, you may have heard of our friends over at Verity VareéFounded by Emily Dean, it is a company for women, by women, and revealing the truth about beauty through your story. We love, love, love what they’re doing and how they are redefining “beautiful”.

    Taking their mission a step further, they recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund their very first “True Beauty Collective” book. Here’s a bit about it:

    Am I beautiful?

    This age-old question is what we are answering through Verity Vareé. And our answer is yes. Every woman has been given a story, a beauty completely unique to her, and we want to share it!

    Our goal through Verity Vareé is to reveal the truth about beauty. As we’ve told the stories of the women around us, we’ve seen the impact this truth has, not only on them, but on all the women who read their stories!

    When you see someone else courageously reveal her story, you start to see the worth, value, and unique properties of her person. And you begin to think, “Is my story beautiful too?”

    By producing and printing the first Vv True Beauty Collective Book, featuring the women we’ve photographed and interviewed through our Reveal process, we are endeavoring to change our culture’s perception of beauty so that your story, your passions, and your inner and outer beauty are seen for what they are: intrinsically worthwhile, unique, and truly beautiful.

    Check out their gorgeous campaign trailer:

    DSC_432c8Verity Varee Kickstarter CampaignIt’s not very often that a message so pure, striking, wholesome, powerful and authentically feminine comes along. If this resonates with you, why not show them some support and be a part of this movement. Every little bit counts. The Kickstarter Campaign ends early March and you can contribute and learn more about it here.

    You can read our past interview with Emily here and find them at, Instagram and Facebook.

    PS: This week they have the remarkable opportunity to jet off to NYC and do an interview and photo shoot with Madeline Stuart – the only professional model with Down Syndrome in the world. We can’t wait to see this shoot and where their mission takes them next.

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