“The way a girl feels about her beauty starts with how you feel about yours.”

Beauty is more than how we look, and it doesn’t simply effect the present; it paves a way for legacy. Dove has released a new film, Dove: Legacy and #FeelBeautifulFor campaign, encouraging everyone to create their own positive beauty legacy. Why? “So the girls in their lives grow up feeling confident about the way they look and reach their full potential life.”

Whether we realise it or not, we, as women, are all role models. How we see ourselves and our beauty in turn influences how we live our life, and how others see their own beauty. Beauty is not supposed to be a catalyst for anxiety, but to be celebrated and something we are confident in.

Jennifer Bremner, Director of Marketing at Dove, says “Whether a mother, aunt, coach, teacher, or sister, all women can set a positive example for the next generation by expressing their own beauty with confidence. Dove has long been dedicated to fostering positive self-esteem in women and girls, and we invite all women to join us in making a difference to the next generation by ensuring their own beauty legacy is a positive one.”

Each of us has the opportunity to make a positive difference in a girl’s self-esteem. The only question is, will you choose to make that difference?

In the beautiful words of one of the mother’s in the film: “Self-worth and beauty, it is an echo. It can echo from me to them, and from them to others.” Legacy.

Check out the #FeelBeautifulFor campaign here.

Author: The Free Woman

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