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Free Wallpapers // Don’t Stop Until You’re Proud

The year is plowing on, and to be honest, at times it can be a little overwhelming with the speed at which it’s moving. (Anyone else?) That’s why we love the reminder that April’s wallpapers bring, “Don’t stop until you’re proud”.

This month, simply work for the applause of yourself. Look for the small wins, as well as the bigger ones. Be proud of yourself at every step, because it took guts just to take that one step. Enjoy the process of what it is that you’re working towards. Whether it’s self-improvement, business, health and wellness, relationships, finance, strengthening a skill… don’t stop until you’re proud. It’s amazing what a bit of self-confidence can do when we truly value and celebrate ourselves and our actions. Don’t let the “what if’s” and insecurities or “I could have done this better” thoughts steal your joy. Fully embrace the experience and journey, and be proud of the beauty you achieve through the challenges. Work hard. Be humble. And don’t stop until you’re proud.

These wallpaper designs are by, Brooks Handey. Find her on Instagram @scripttheory

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How to save these Desktop Wallpapers:

+ On your desktop device (computer), double click or right click on the image
+ Save the image
+ Set as desktop image in your display settings

1 //Don’t Stop Until You’re Proud!Free Wallpapers // Don't Stop Until You're Proud | thefreewoman.com2 // So Lovely, So Free

Free Wallpapers // So Lovely, So Free |

How to save these Phone Wallpapers:
+ Head to and click this post on your phone
+ Hold your finger down on the wallpaper/s you want and hit save image
+ Go to your photos and set it as your wallpaper!

1 // Don’t Stop Until You’re Proud 

Free Wallpapers // Don't Stop Until You're Proud |

2 // So Lovely, So Free

Free Wallpapers // So Lovely, So Free |

Enjoy! x


These monthly wallpapers are designed by creative feminine hearts within and for The Free Woman community. Would you like to contribute? Send an email to hello {at} thefreewoman {dot} com with a link to your website/Instagram or some examples of your designs.

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