Free Wallpapers // Celebrate Every Season

With the festivity in the air, sometimes it’s easy to favour frustration over hope or the purpose behind it. This month, set your focus on celebrating. Celebrate the highs, and celebrate the lows. As we finish this year and embark on the new, remember to keep what’s important, important.

In the words of Shauna Niequist, “When life is sweet, say thank you and celebrate. And when life is bitter, say thank you and grow.”

Celebrate Every Season – not just this one, but the next and the next and the next. Life is worth it.

This month’s wallpapers are created by our friend, Lilah Higgins from The Higgins Creative.

How to save these Desktop Wallpapers:
+ On your desktop device (computer), double click or right click on the image
+ Save the image
+ Set as desktop image in your display settings


How to save these iPhone Wallpapers:
+ Head to on your phone
+ Hold your finger down on the wallpaper/s you want and hit save image
+ Go to your photos and set it as your wallpaper!



Enjoy! x


These monthly wallpapers are designed by creative feminine hearts within and for The Free Woman community. Would you like to contribute? Send an email to hello {at} thefreewoman {dot} com with some examples of your designs.

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