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Stepping into a new year can generate a whole range of feelings within – hope, sorrow, relief, expectation, desperation, joy and bittersweetness. Whatever you faced in last year’s chapter of your life, take heart and know that there are far brighter days ahead. Those dreams you put on the shelf or that were crumpled by unwise words from yourself and others? Have a look at it again with fresh eyes and see if it reignites something within your soul. The dreams that you’re already taking steps toward? Keep consistently stepping. Wherever you find yourself though, dream bigger. But more than that, do bigger. Uphold your values and purpose at the centre, then give it all you’ve got. Stay kind. Stay true. Challenge yourself. Be delighted by the process. The greatest story we’ll tell others is the one we live with our lives – let’s make it a beautiful one.

In the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Dare to live the life you have dreamed for yourself. Go forward and make your dreams come true.”

As we walk confidently into this clean slated year, may we dream big, and do even bigger.


This month’s wallpapers are created by our friend, Andrea Stenger from The Little Black Letter Company.

How to save these Desktop Wallpapers:
+ On your desktop device (computer), double click or right click on the image
+ Save the image
+ Set as desktop image in your display settings



How to save these iPhone Wallpapers:
+ Head to on your phone
+ Hold your finger down on the wallpaper/s you want and hit save image
+ Go to your photos and set it as your wallpaper!



Enjoy! x


These monthly wallpapers are designed by creative feminine hearts within and for The Free Woman community. Would you like to contribute? Send an email to hello {at} thefreewoman {dot} com with some examples of your designs.

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