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The Art Of Listening |
Honest Journal

The Art of Listening

Have you ever sat outside at dusk as the wind is gaining courage, swiftly flowing through tall grass and rustling the leaves of trees? Have you simply sat and listened? Memorizing every beat, following nature’s melody. Listening is truly one…

Planning A Retreat in 8 Steps |
Explore Friendship

Planning A Retreat in 8 Steps

There is not a more accurate picture of joy and merriment than a group of girlfriends having a good time. Every woman needs a community of friends she can call up at any time, laugh with about silly things…

Curiosity May Just Be The Answer |

Curiosity May Just Be The Answer

Winter in the southern hemisphere has been a slow one and the awakening of spring is promising much. Every year I set myself pretty achievable goals and often ones that make my hair stand up in fear. As a…