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An Interview with Arielle Estoria {Writer, Speaker, Creative} |
Inspired Interviews

An Interview With Arielle Estoria

1. Hey Arielle! First off, tell us a bit about yourself and your background. Hayyy! My name is Arielle Estoria (Leda Wilburn). I am born and raised in Northern California but moved to Southern California for college and decided…

The Key To Video Confidence |
Influence Journal

The Key to Video Confidence

The Key To Video Confidence… is you! Usually I can tell just by the way my curly hair sets after letting it air dry if I’m going to have a confident, empowered, radiant-in-my-own-skin day or not. Seriously, good (or…


Finding The Courage It Takes To Bloom

“Bloom where you are planted.” – Saint Francis de Sales, Bishop of Geneva (1567-1611) At one time or another, chances are you’ve read these words for self-motivation and inspiration. It’s a timeless quote echoing the sentiments of our hearts desire…