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Finding Rest While Dancing In The Rain

It is important to remember to breathe. I am thirty nine thousand feet in the air and I keep forgetting to breathe. I am not scared of flying or of heights, but every glance at the half-open window across…

Stop Trying To Have Life All Figured Out |
Inspired Journal

Stop Trying To Have Life All Figured Out

I realized something last night: If my life is spent in tireless pursuit of “figuring it all out,” I will spend my whole life feeling dissatisfied. I may figure more things out, but I will never have it all…

Illuminating Wellness: Let's Talk About the Buzzword "Healthy" |
Health Illuminating Wellness

Illuminating Wellness: Healthy

This is part of a series we’ve lovingly dubbed “Illuminating Wellness”. It seems there is always some new term popping up in the wellness community (and our Pinterest boards). So, let’s lay out what they mean, and most importantly,…