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Planning A Retreat in 8 Steps |
Explore Friendship

Planning A Retreat in 8 Steps

There is not a more accurate picture of joy and merriment than a group of girlfriends having a good time. Every woman needs a community of friends she can call up at any time, laugh with about silly things…

Curiosity May Just Be The Answer |

Curiosity May Just Be The Answer

Winter in the southern hemisphere has been a slow one and the awakening of spring is promising much. Every year I set myself pretty achievable goals and often ones that make my hair stand up in fear. As a…

Undress Your Heart {Poem} |
Inspired Poem

Undress Your Heart {Poem}

undress your heart undress your heart.  slowly, softly. gently.  for under it, lies beauty. undress your heart. know that your heart is fragile and the undressing might hurt. under your heart live the most precious parts of you. the…

On Facing Hard Things |

On Facing Hard Things

A few nights ago, I had a dream and it was as vivid as they come. I was walking down a serene neighborhood street on a sidewalk lined with tidy houses and manicured lawns. Suddenly I heard a wailing,…