How Wonderfully Made Is Helping Women Discover Their True Value & Worth

At The Free Woman, we love learning more about women and organisations that are doing good in the world. Let us introduce you toto Wonderfully Made and the woman behind it, Allie Marie Smith.

{An Interview} How Wonderfully Made Is Helping Women Discover Their True Value & WorthHi Allie! Let’s start at the beginning, because we love it. You founded Wonderfully Made over 10 years ago at the age of eighteen (go girl!). Can you tell us a bit about what led to the creation of it?

Wonderfully Made was birthed out my own brokenness as a young woman. For so long, I questioned my value, worth, and significance to the world. Beginning at the age of twelve I experienced unwelcomed feelings of loneliness, insecurity and sadness. Those feelings escalated throughout high school when at the age of 18 I found myself hospitalized for severe clinical depression. I truly believed at the core of my being that this world was better off without me in it.

When I was first hospitalized, believers in my family’s life began praying for me. The God I always believed in, but didn’t intimately know became alive and personal to me. I can still remember reading Psalm 139 for the first time. It was like I had been waiting my entire life to hear that I wasn’t an accident; that I had been lovingly made for a beautiful purpose. Being hospitalized, everything that I had placed my value in was stripped from me so I was free to discover my true identity and worth simply as being a daughter of God. As I discovered my true value and was transformed by Christ’s love, I became impassioned about sharing with other young women, and that was the spark that started Wonderfully Made.

{An Interview} How Wonderfully Made Is Helping Women Discover Their True Value & WorthWhat is WM’s mission and purpose?

Wonderfully Made exists to share the truth about your value and worth. To spread the simple, life-changing message that you are not an accident — that you have been lovingly and wonderfully made by God for a beautiful purpose. We are dedicated to helping young women discover, strengthen, and reclaim their true value and worth. Through our college chapters, conferences, films, team of speakers and resources it is our desire to see girls and women rise up and live lives of lasting purpose, beauty and worth.

Why is it so important for today’s generation to know their value and worth?

I had so many friends who were imprisoned by eating disorders, abusive relationships, drug and alcohol abuse and the list goes on. What I discovered was that at the core of these struggles was a lack of self-worth. I also realized through my own journey that I couldn’t “love myself” out of my pit. Once you really believe that you are valuable beyond measure because of who you are in Christ, you are free to live a life beyond yourself and I believe that’s when we really come alive and are set free.

{An Interview} How Wonderfully Made Is Helping Women Discover Their True Value & WorthHow can women practically work toward cultivating a lifestyle of worth and value?

Apart from immersing yourself in scripture and believing what God says about you is true, I’d say the best thing you can do is surround yourself with people who breathe life into you, cherish and value you and remind you of your true worth. It’s been said that we become like the five people in our lives we are closest to you. Rid your life of toxic relationships and make sure your inner circle loves, encourages, challenges and inspires you.

I’m sure you have many, but what’s been a highlight on the WM journey so far?

We recently had our 10th anniversary as an organization and our Santa Clara University chapter hosted their 10th annual Spring Seminar. Many of the women from past years were there. It was a huge milestone for us and a day I’ll never forget. My other highlight would be seeing our dream of hosting a conference in Southern California come to fruition last October. We partnered with Friends of Bethany Hamilton to host our first annual Anchored In Love Conference for about three thousand young women in San Diego.

{An Interview} How Wonderfully Made Is Helping Women Discover Their True Value & WorthHow can women be a part of or support WM?

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