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  • On Facing Hard Things |

    On Facing Hard Things

    A few nights ago, I had a dream and it was as vivid as they come. I was walking down a serene neighborhood street on a sidewalk lined with tidy houses…

  • Honest

    Finding The Courage It Takes To Bloom

    “Bloom where you are planted.” – Saint Francis de Sales, Bishop of Geneva (1567-1611) At one time or another, chances are you’ve read these words for self-motivation and inspiration. It’s a timeless…

  • Mental Health Poem

    Me Too

    The black is creeping closer. You say this as though You’ve already given up, As if you won’t keep fighting To see the fullness of your cup. I want to argue,…

  • Depression Mental Health

    10 Ways To Reduce Anxiety

    “Anxiety is the dizziness of freedom.” – Soren Kierkegaard Ever been anxious? Sweaty hands, many thoughts, heart pumping against the chest, can’t breathe properly, can’t sleep, can’t concentrate, feeling dizzy, feeling…

  • Depression Mental Health

    One Step Through Depression

    I’ve been depressed for four years. Not four years straight, necessarily, but on and off – winters of despair to springs of sowing to summers of disappointment to autumns of reaping…