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    Sometimes {Poem}

    Sometimes {Poem} |


    sometimes it looks like waking up.

    sometimes it looks like opening the windows and letting daylight in.


    sometimes it looks like smiling at strangers

    like saying ‘yes’

    like saying ‘no’.

    sometimes it’s big

    like buying the plane ticket

    quitting your job

    falling in love.

    sometimes it looks like singing a song

    writing the words

    or saying them out loud.

    sometimes it looks like moving

    sometimes it’s staying.


    sometimes it’s small.

    like saying ‘hello’

    like walking inside

    or stepping out.

    sometimes it’s an easy choice.

    sometimes it’s not.

    but it is always worth it.

    and it is all courage.

    – photo credit: Íris Juana

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