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  • Blackout Poetry
    Inspired Poem

    How To Create Blackout Poetry

    A little over a year ago my husband and I were in downtown Charlotte having coffee with one of his old college buddies. At some point in the conversation, his friend…

  • Elizabeth Ramos

    A Poem // Perfected Pieces

    It is nothing, Or at least, nothing of any value. He takes it and places it on the wheel, It begins turning, Slowly at first, and then faster and faster Until…

  • photo-1421999430108-bcb78bd726ce

    To Be Enough

    I am on a journey toward figuring out who exactly I am. Often I think that I am too much. I am too much sunshine, Too much energy, Too much sap,…

  • _MG_0160

    My Body Is

    My Body is a miracle, part of a great design. My Body is incomparable. My Body is more than a broken reflection in a mirror. My Body moves me to action.…