6 Podcasts That Will Inspire And Brighten Your Soul

Right now, I simply can’t get enough of podcasts. The beauty of this platform is that there’s such an array of topics and conversations that…

6 Podcasts That Will Inspire + Brighten Your Soul | thefreewoman.com

Right now, I simply can’t get enough of podcasts. The beauty of this platform is that there’s such an array of topics and conversations that you can tap into and learn from, at really, anytime. 

This collection centers around conversations that will truly inspire and brighten your soul. A lot of them are relatively new-ish, but they are already dishing out the gold. You’ll no doubt be challenged and encouraged as you glean from those who are owning their stories and spreading gritty goodness and beauty in this world. Enjoy!

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1. Wonderfully Made

Wonderfully Made is on a mission to help women and girls discover their value. Founded as a non-profit organization by Allie Marie Smith, she co-hosts this podcast along with Rachel Brown.

Each episode features authentic conversations with world-changing women who are living out their unique purpose. Whether you’re flourishing in your career, trying to navigate life and purpose, or simply looking for positive female movers and shakers you can glean from, this podcast is for you. It will provide you with the tools to truly love yourself, know your worth, and to keep walking your unique path in this world.

Listen to them all at: wonderfullymade.org/podcast

[PS: Read our past interview with Allie Marie Smith here.]

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2. Sounds Good with Branden Harvey

Sounds Good with Branden Harvey is a weekly podcast that explores the lives, stories and adventures of the happiest people on the Internet (and world). Each episode features someone who is spreading hope and positivity, all infused with a dose of light-hearted humour. The beautiful thing about this podcast is that it gives an insight into the inspirational people you probably already follow and love online – think Dallas Clayton, Sleeping At Last, Elsie Larson, Brad Montague, Eryn Erickson, Ruthie Lindsey, and more. Yep. It’s good!

Get your happy on at: brandenharvey.com/podcast/

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3. STORY Podcast

STORY Podcast comes from the STORY Gathering Conference and is sure to set fire to the creativity within you. Episodes are a series of unique conversations that will leave you inspired you to do your best, most meaningful work. While it’s only new, topics covered so far include finding your own voice, cultivating art, embracing your weirdness, leading an impact, and so much more.

Join the jstory on iTunes here.

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4. Roam + Golightly

Roam + Golightly is your weekly pick-me-up filled with encouragement and insight to help you lead the adventurous, creative lifestyle you crave. Hosted by Laura, she’s a firm believer in local adventure and everyday creativity. Why? Because adventure doesn’t require a plane ticket and creativity is beckoning and is for everyone. Through each episode she picks the brains of explorers and artists to discover how we can infuse some of their practices into our daily living. Cool right?

Some incredible people featured on her podcast so far includes: Bianca Cash, Amanda Marko of Trouve Magazine, Ziza Bauer of Darling Magazine, Elana Jadallah, plus minisodes on locations like Iceland.

It’s time to explore: roamandgolightly.com

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5. #GirlBoss Radio

This is the ultimate podcast if you’re interested in listening to the original #GIRLBOSS, Sophia Amoruso, interview world-class girlbosses. These girls have made their mark in creative, cultural, and business ventures and share the lessons they’ve learned along the way.

I love how Sophia “hopes to humanize the known, champion the unknown, and, well, laugh a little about the absurdity that is life” through this platform.

Fuel your inner #girlboss and discover the story behind your favourite women at: girlboss.com/podcast/

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6. The Lively Show

Hosted by Jess Lively, this weekly podcast is all about adding a little extra intention to your everyday. She chats with a diverse range of people and explores everything from wellness to simplifying, relationships, business and style. With over 4 million downloads so far, her positive outlook and personality will definitely brighten and add value to your day.

Get listening at: jesslively.com/livelyshow/


Do you listen to podcasts? Share your favourites with us below!

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