The Free Woman creates a life of beauty, wholeness + influence.

+ + +The Free Woman is an ever-evolving and multifaceted community, reflecting the ‘becoming’ nature of the feminine heart.

We value vulnerability and honesty.
Keeping your soft heart open through life’s seasons is the mark of a woman pursuing freedom and wholeness. Keeping your heart sweet is not weakness, but the sign of deep inner strength and bravery.

We choose to lead ourselves well.
Mind, body, heart and soul.
Knowing that there are layers of character and desires deposited within us for a reason.
Knowing that at times it might cost us, but the reward is far greater than the sacrifice.
Knowing that there are others behind us, following in the path we forge. Your life is greater than just your own. Your life and who you are is influential.

We live aware of the world around us.
Injustice is the opposite of freedom. We believe our voices and stories matter. Once your eyes are opened to something and your heart is moved, let your hands and feet follow through in action. Generosity and kindness change more than you know.

We show grace to ourselves {and others}.
The process of ‘becoming’ can be brutal, yet also beautiful. Choose to speak and show grace, especially when you don’t feel like it. You are worthy of love in every season and trial, simply because you are enough as you are.

We provide space to ponder, be stirred by and have convictions and values grounded within.
Convicted women change the world.
Women of integrity last the distance and leave an honourable legacy.

We wholeheartedly pursue community.
You are created for relationship. There is much to glean from the lives of other women and we recognise that our freedom is tied to another’s. Together is better and beneficial for all.

We choose to live light.
Tune your eyes to the simple beauty and goodness around you. Let go of what weighs you down or makes you feel less than the feminine heart that you are. Rest. Breathe. Drink all the coffee. Laugh until your stomach hurts. Enjoy a sunrise or sunset each day. Dance. Create. Sing your heart out. Be. Do what makes you come alive and feel free.

Freedom is found in every chapter of our story and is not a journey we need to strive in. Savour the experience of each revolution your heart needs to make along the way.

The Free Woman is a revolution of the feminine heart. You are so lovely, so free. xo

+ + +

Meet Bethany Morris // Founder

Bethany is a Melbourne writer who is often seen with her iPhone and soy latte in hand. She’s known for her signature giggle, is all about living honestly, and finding goodness and beauty in each day.

As a nine year old looking at a magazine rack in a store, she told her mum that “one day I’m going to create my own magazine and make it beautiful so the girls reading it know they are beautiful and valuable”. In June 2014 The Free Woman was launched!

If you ever find yourself in Melbourne, Australia, please reach out – she would love to meet you for coffee in one of the city’s golden cafes!

Instagram: @bethjae | Twitter: @bethanyjae

– top image credit: Kaihla Tonai