An Opening Note


The modern woman is no longer confined, but free to be the multi-faceted beauty she was originally created to be.

Breaking the mould in design, she is a dreamer, believer, creative heart, adventurous soul, thought leader, pioneer, a doer, wise, intelligent, a lifelong learner, practical, proactive, confident, visionary, inspiring, fresh, aware, imperfect, kind, a humanitarian, classy, and so much more.

The Free Woman is  a revolution of the feminine heart.

These words were penned after being inspired and empowered by how the women in my own life lived out each day. Over the years, feminine hearts have gone on and continue to go on a tremendous journey. They evolve, develop, and each represent a unique facet and personification of beauty, something no other embodies.

The Free Woman is a new community of women.  A community valuing relationship over masked emotion, living feminine and strong in who she is, who knows she’s valued so she can in turn value others, and gathering the women in her life, because after all, we grow better together. The Free Woman is not an automated response to the human heart, but built on a desire to live authentically, freely and completely.

The heart of this space is to inspire you to have dreams awakened and empower you to live them out, making the world a better place.

There is a community of women who love, believe in and celebrate you already. Welcome…

Image source: Alejandro Escamilla

Author: Bethany Morris

Bethany is the Founder of The Free Woman and is often seen with her iPhone and latte in hand. She's a writer, known for her signature giggle, and has her eyes tuned to seeking out beauty. If you're ever in Melbourne, Australia, she'd love to have a coffee with you.

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