The Free Woman is a revolution of the feminine heart. We exist to celebrate and empower feminine hearts to lead lives of beauty, goodness and justice in every area of influence.

Community and Readers

The Free Woman’s (TFW) average reader is 24-35ish years of age. We find that our message resonates with women from diverse life seasons, cultures and beliefs.

Types of Contributors:

1. Quarterly Contributor – more information below

2. Guest Post – a once-off or more casual submissions

What is a Quarterly Contributor?

It is a three-month commitment – you contribute one piece for each of the three months in that quarter. Example: one piece for July, one piece for August, one piece for September.

Upcoming quarterly themes:

  • Q3: Courage = July, August, September
  • Q4: Intention= October, November, December
  • 2018 themes coming soon…

Content does not have to explicitly talk about the theme – this theme simply frames the wider view of TFW for that quarter.


What does being a “free woman” mean to you? What’s your journey? What makes you you? What season are you currently in? Your struggles, victories, failures, successes? What breaks your heart and moves your hand to act with compassion? What would you say to someone going through a similar season or wish that someone had have told you? What gems of wisdom, resource and tools have you discovered along the way? What lights you up?

These are the kinds of questions and conversations we want to be having at TFW. We’re not about that carefully curated “Instagram-worthy” life, but rather the journeys that continue to mold us into the women we are. We love the messy, the challenging, the real, the practical, the inspiring, the “me too!” moments,  and taking off the veil of shame that so often can hold us back.

Our content comes under an umbrella of five main characteristics. Within this, topics can include but are in no way restricted to the following:

1. Inspired

  • Creativity, travel, culture, poetry, journal/creative-type pieces

2. Radiant

  • Wellness, style, food, health, beauty etc

3. Honest

  • Mental health and illness, eating disorders, self-care, miscarriage, infertility, body image and confidence, addiction, relationships, friendships, motherhood, singleness, engaged status etc

4. Influential

  • Leadership, personal growth and development, career, business, entrepreneurialism, social media

5. Aware

  • Social justice, humanitarian, social enterprises, race

PLUS: the “So Lovely, So Free” series where you have the opportunity to share your story.

We Are Looking For

  • How to’s, tutorial, lists, resources, interview, personal, thought/reflective-based, advice, essays, photo essays, reviews (book, music, film)
  • Word count between 450-1,000 words
  • Originality: Pieces that haven’t been fully published elsewhere
  • Credibility: Please keep track of all references, quotes, facts etc. used and give credit where credit is due
  • Content containing harsh or offensive language will not be accepted
  • Inclusive language: Our content tries to focus on the reader – more  “we” and “you”, less “I” and “me”. If you’re contributing a ‘So Lovely, So Free’ piece, this doesn’t apply.

Side note: Articles will be edited to suit TFW. You retain the copyright to your submission, but TFW reserves the right to publish and promote any article submitted indefinitely. Paid compensation for pieces are not available at this time.


Interested in becoming a quarterly contributor? Please fill out this Google form here:

Deadlines close:

Q4 2017 {Intention}: opens Friday, 1 September and closes Friday, 15 September

Q1-4 2018 themes and deadlines coming soon!

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Want to submit a guest post? Please email bethany {at} thefreewoman {dot} com with your completed piece.

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“When each woman shows up and does her brave thing, she actually wins a thousand other battles because she makes a thousand other women brave.” – Ann Voskamp

– Top image credit: Briana Carrion