Body Positivity: Radically Loving Your Body as a Woman

Body Positivity: Radically Loving Yourself As A Woman |

Body Positivity.

What exactly is it? It’s a movement. It’s the act of embracing all of the intricacies of our bodies while pursuing a healthy lifestyle.

This movement was created by two women who saw the need to present a more realistic ideal and standard of beauty to women all over the world. This movement has only gained traction due to the pressure women face every day from the media.

As women, we are expected to achieve the ideal of beauty, but we have to meet the standard set by the media.

We are expected to have the perfect body, flawless skin, thick brows, and long legs amongst many other things. The media has created this “perfect body” standard that women are measured by, and if you don’t measure up, then you are considered less beautiful, less valuable, and an outcast.

But what woman can attain all of these ideals?

It is a completely unrealistic and unattainable expectation that we cannot attain.

So, what can we do?

We have to change the standard. We have to create a new ideal. We have to stand up against the unjust expectations and fiercely love our bodies!

As women, it is our responsibility to challenge the standard. It’s beyond just us. It’s for our sisters, mothers, children, friends, grandmothers and ourselves. It’s for the wellbeing of every single woman out there.

This movement, like any other, starts with our self.

It starts with valuing our mind, body and soul, knowing our worth, and having the confidence to live in our most authentic form. It requires us to let go of the unjust expectations, the act of comparison, and all of the self-doubt. It requires that we learn to love our bodies well!

Here are 3 ways to begin loving your body well:

1. Ditch Comparison

Comparison kills authenticity.

In the act of comparison, we deny the world an honest experience with our truest self in an attempt to be something we are not. Instead of envying the beauty in another person and feeling less valuable because you don’t have the same beautiful trait they do, admire them. Intentionally admire the beauty in other people, and through this process, you will begin to admire the beauty about yourself with ease.

Ditching comparison allows you to live in your most authentic form while displaying your natural strengths and beauty to the world!

2. Do a Media Cleanse

Have you ever been having a great day only to find yourself scrolling through Instagram feeling insecure, de-valued and un-confidentSocial media is a beautiful place to get inspiration, gain connections and have a creative outlet, but it is also a breeding ground for insecurity if we use it in the wrong way.

Do you follow certain people on any of your social media accounts that make you feel insecure every single time you see their photos? It could be poking at some insecurity that you are dealing with or they could be posting content that is very unrealistic. Whatever it may be, it isn’t making you feel beautiful. It isn’t bringing you joy.

Unfollow any accounts that leave you feeling doubtful of yourself and only view content that confirms your identity as a beautiful human being!

3. Acknowledge Your Strengths

Often, our insecurity is developed out of an attempt to have the same strengths that someone else carries. We look at other women with character traits that we don’t have and body images that we don’t have, and we immediately de-value our own beauty. Rather than only acknowledging your “weaknesses,” make a conscious effort to openly acknowledge and embrace your strengths. In this practice, you give yourself the permission to be wholeheartedly yourself and embrace the beauty that you carry!

Beauty is when you have found the confidence to live in your most authentic, real and honest form.

You are beautiful, brave and powerful, my friend! Walk in confidence knowing that your beauty is undeniable and absolutely amazing.

"Beauty is when you have found the confidence to live in your most authentic, real and honest form." - Ashton Long |– photo credit: Ashton Long

Author: Ashton Long

In my ideal moment I am surrounded by trees, the sound of a bird’s song and accompanied by a cup of coffee. I believe women should be empowered to live in their most authentic, real and honest form. Last but certainly not least, I am in a committed and life-long relationship with ice cream in all its forms.

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