Bravery Of The Soft Hearted

Yesterday I did something I had not done in a very long time. I cried. I stood frozen while attempting to will my tears back…

unsplash - dominik martinYesterday I did something I had not done in a very long time. I cried.

I stood frozen while attempting to will my tears back where they came from. They escaped with stubborn fervor. I wiped them away before anyone would see me at less than my best. Alone in my room, I glanced at my mirror and there I was with red-rimmed eyes, closed fists, and a raised chin in defiance. The girl in the mirror was not someone I was familiar with. I began to soften with empathy for her. For the first time, I saw the power of my own empathy towards myself.

I work with actors and artists. Emotion and vulnerability is a key part of my work, but I neglected to make it a part of my life. Indeed, I was known not to wear my heart on my sleeve – my feminine heart. I kept it hidden with the occasional visit. I became hardened in the process.

With my empathy, instead of feeling cold, I was warm with admiration. Instead of seeing a power stance, I saw bravery. I realised that my softness is unique to the feminine heart. Let us reject the belief that the soft woman is weak and docile. There is bravery in the softness in us.

Ladies, when you are compelled to show emotion, it is not a sign of weakness; it is a sign of our potential to be close to the unique experiences of life and our ability to share. Through revealing one’s emotions, reaching out a hand or sharing our stories, we are capable of uniting our community.

Your softness is integral as a reminder of the loveliness that is evident in this world. Your softness is not only lamb-like; it is akin to that of a lioness. Within you is a crafted ability to brave the hardships with your beautiful feminine heart. Our sensitivity can be excused as a source of chagrin. The ability to harness that sensitivity and utilizing it along our rational selves is a fine line. Once the line is straddled, a powerful presence emerges and we make our mark in this world.

There are many examples of stellar women who shared their softness and bravery such as the midwife who cried at the birth of your nana; the lady who offered a warm beverage and a smile to her elderly neighbor; the student disappointed in her grades summoning up the courage to try again; the friend who simply listened; and the sister that sobs at romantic comedies. Our feminine hearts are far more influential than you and I realise for there is strength in our vulnerability.

Through this online platform, I have worn a little more of my heart on my sleeve. My prayer is to replicate this attitude in my everyday life and make this year a celebration of myself and my feminine attributes. This attitude will involve drawing outside the lines.

So, will you join me in making this world a little more colourful?

– image credit: Dominik Martin

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  1. This makes me so happy. Until recently I have spent the majority of my life doing everything in my power to hide any feeling but happiness. Now that I’ve become more accepting and letting things flow, I’ve realized just how much braver it is to be vulnerable.

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