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  • Planning A Retreat in 8 Steps |
    Explore Friendship

    Planning A Retreat in 8 Steps

    There is not a more accurate picture of joy and merriment than a group of girlfriends having a good time. Every woman needs a community of friends she can call up…

  • Why I Travel |

    Why I Travel

    When I was younger I dreamed of  traveling to new places. I wanted to visit different parts of the United States, but also hoped to leave the country to see new…

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    Embracing Solo Travel

    Waking up some mornings, or every morning, I check the prices of flights. It’s like reading the newspaper for me; almost therapeutic. The thought of working towards going somewhere, all of…

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    The Art of Road Trips

    Sometimes there are reasons why we can’t travel and see the world – we have full time jobs, don’t have annual leave, financial reasons – all that jazz. But I have…

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    Bucket List Travels – Vietnam

    When I was 16, I fell in love with National Geographic Magazine. I fell in love with the colours, the places, the history – all the wonder that a 150 paged,…

  • Explore Radiant

    Free People

    Uninhibited. Wanderer. Free Spirit. These words evoke such an excitement within our souls. Thoughts of adventure, throwing off the obligations that tie us down bring a rush of adrenalin. When we…

  • Explore Journal

    Our Wild Balancing Earth

    I’ve always really noticed things. Things other people might not. I noticed the way the kids ran to greet me when I got home. I noticed the quiet gestures in pats of the…

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    Don’t Just Go To Go, Go To Grow

    Don’t go just to go. Go to sow, go to grow. A big cultural misconception we all have is that if we are not moving out, around or up then we…