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  • Stop Hiding {Poem} |
    Inspired Poem

    Stop Hiding {Poem}

    stop hiding stop hiding. stop waiting for life to happen. life is happening already below your feet, above your head, all around you. life is this moment. stop waiting for your…

  • Undress Your Heart {Poem} |
    Inspired Poem

    Undress Your Heart {Poem}

    undress your heart undress your heart.  slowly, softly. gently.  for under it, lies beauty. undress your heart. know that your heart is fragile and the undressing might hurt. under your heart…

  • With Wild Courage {Poem} |
    Inspired Poem

    With Wild Courage {Poem}

    ‘with wild courage’ I am not your words, I am my own. I am writing a story of grace and fire, hope rising. I am a flower, I am a tree,…

  • Sometimes {Poem} |
    Inspired Poem

    Sometimes {Poem}

    ‘sometimes’ sometimes it looks like waking up. sometimes it looks like opening the windows and letting daylight in. sometimes sometimes it looks like smiling at strangers like saying ‘yes’ like saying…

  • Honest Mental Health Poem

    How Are You?

    I am doing well. Not the same as usual, It’s different this time. This well looks like Counselling sessions, Tissues, Tears on the couch. Like calling a friend Since no one…

  • Mental Health Poem

    Me Too

    The black is creeping closer. You say this as though You’ve already given up, As if you won’t keep fighting To see the fullness of your cup. I want to argue,…

  • Blackout Poetry
    Inspired Poem

    How To Create Blackout Poetry

    A little over a year ago my husband and I were in downtown Charlotte having coffee with one of his old college buddies. At some point in the conversation, his friend…

  • Poem

    A Poem // Perfected Pieces

    It is nothing, Or at least, nothing of any value. He takes it and places it on the wheel, It begins turning, Slowly at first, and then faster and faster Until…

  • Poem

    To Be Enough

    I am on a journey toward figuring out who exactly I am. Often I think that I am too much. I am too much sunshine, Too much energy, Too much sap,…

  • Poem

    My Body Is

    My Body is a miracle, part of a great design. My Body is incomparable. My Body is more than a broken reflection in a mirror. My Body moves me to action.…