The Free Woman is a revolution of the feminine heart. We exist to celebrate and empower feminine hearts to lead lives of beauty, goodness and justice in every area of influence. She is so lovely, so free.

Our content and resource is focused toward enriching and inspiring her to lead her life well. We’re all about the journey’s that continue to mold us into the women that we are. We love the messy, challenging, real and raw, the practical, inspiring, intelligent, the “me too!” moments,  and taking off the veil of shame that so often can hold us back.

Current opportunities include:


We’re looking to grow our team of contributors. If you’re a wordsmith with a story to tell, please see the below:

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Passionate about capturing beauty with your lens and you think your images reflect our brand? We’d love to hear from you! These images would be featured on our various platforms (accompanying articles, Instagram posts etc) and you’d receive full credit and links back to your site/relevant profiles.

If interested, please email a selection of your images to: bethany {at} thefreewoman {dot} com

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We love to inspire our readers with free wallpapers that beautify our tech and reflect our quarterly themes. If you’re interested in learning more, please send a message to:  bethany {at} thefreewoman {dot} com

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Want to collaborate or partner with us?

Do you have a product or resource that you’d love to introduce to our community? Please send an email to bethany {at} thefreewoman {dot} com outlining what it is and how it reflects our heartbeat.

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Thank you so much for your interest in contributing to The Free Woman!

In the beautiful words of Ann Voskamp, “When each woman shows up and does her brave thing, she actually wins a thousand other battles because she makes a thousand other women brave.”

That’s you – you brave, lovely, and free, Beauty.

– image credit: Nadeena at Art & Anthem