Denim 101: Myths and the Perfect Pair

Have you ever wondered what makes a great pair of denim jeans? Lately I have and am noticing many magazines promoting the ideal denim. Realising I didn’t…

Ever wondered what makes a great pair of denim jeans? Let's shed light on some myths around this staple item. | thefreewoman.com

Have you ever wondered what makes a great pair of denim jeans? Lately I have and am noticing many magazines promoting the ideal denim. Realising I didn’t own a pair of good denim jeans, it made me think: “what makes a good pair?

After buying my first good pair, I had a conversation with my manager. She gave me three things to think about: 1) she owned too many jeans herself, 2) the myths about denim and, 3) a denim specialist store called Dejour Jeans in Brunswick, Melbourne (you can check out their Facebook Page here).

Before telling you more about this amazing store, let’s shed light on three ‘denim myths’:

Myth 1: You must only wash denim jeans twice a year, in order to retain the shape and colour.

False: Washing jeans twice a year will not necessarily keep the shape in tack, but can actually stretch them more. As for a better alternative to retain the colour, wash the jeans inside-out in cold water.

Myth 2: The stretchier, the better!

True and false: The thicker, sturdier and tougher the denim jeans are the longer it will last. So while stretchier jeans can be comfortable, there will be a chance it won’t be long wearing.

Myth 3: Taking a bath with your jeans will stretch them for the perfect fit.

False: Wearing your jeans in the bath in order for them to shrink to the size of your body will disappoint you because unfortunately it does not work. Only one major brand has designed their jeans to do this, but it doesn’t apply to other brands.

Now you know the myths, I can tell you about the store Dejour Jeans, meaning ‘currently very fashionable’. Derived from the French word ‘du jour’, it means ‘of the day’ which implies ‘jeans of the day’.

Denim 101: Myths and The Perfect Pair | thefreewoman.comJeans

Established in 1989 by Nam Huynh, this local business caters to a range of sizes for that perfect quality jean – all fitted and made in Melbourne. Dejour came into existence when Nam noticed a need of quality well fit denim. Even today the demand is still present with a civilisation relying on their denims as quick, no fuss staples. People have even travelled from all across Australia just to buy the perfect pair from here.

Naturally, I took off to check this place out and see how things were run. This business sends off a vibe from the moment you look up at the name and step into the store. I learnt here that it’s all about choosing the correct style of jeans for your body. Once you have selected your style you can see whether it requires alterations to tailor the jean to fit your body. So that’s what I did – picked the correct style, had it tailored and ta-da, had the perfect fitting jeans. What was even more incredible was that this entire process, including the jeans, only cost between $40- 50AUD.

Finding the perfect pair of jeans to fit your body shape is invaluable. Search for local businesses in your area specialising in it and try them out. Enjoy the goodness of having your own pair tailored to your own body.

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