Don’t Let Your Fear Fester

If you have yet to find out that fear is only as bad as its bark, then now is the perfect time to learn something…

delicateIf you have yet to find out that fear is only as bad as its bark, then now is the perfect time to learn something new! Common misconception tells us that in order to be big, to do big things and make a big impact, the absence of fear is also necessary. However, what this lie fails to factor in is that we are young, the world is huge and many dreams lie before us. So it is more than safe to say that a few fears are highly probable, and that’s okay!

It’s okay to say you’re scared of applying for that job because of the possibility you may or may not get it. You’re allowed to worry that your life-changing move may not be what you expected. It’s okay to be mindful that starting a small business is hard work in the first year and you’ll be met with many setbacks alongside successes.

It’s okay to have those thoughts because it’s human and that is what you are. What is not okay is to let those fearful thoughts fester. If you do, you allow yourself to give way to fear itself – fear is ‘False Evidence Appearing Real’. Don’t let what you think could go wrong stop you from what is actually happening: wonderful change, beautiful growth, and amazing possibilities.

Here are some easy steps on how to move forward in fear:

1 | Say it out loud

Nothing kills a fear like you shining a light on it does. Don’t let it stay inside your head because once you verbally say it, it seems a lot less harmful – kind of like creepy cockroaches; notice how quickly they scatter when you flick on the light? Your verbalization of that thing is like switching on a light – shine it and let it know that you see it for what it really is and no longer has any power over you.

2 | Fight the good fight

Stop wasting time trying to keep that fear from happening and focus on what you can do. Focus on what is good, whatever is loving, pleasant, kind, and whatever brings about joy. If fear cannot take you away from what you want, it will make you concentrate on keeping it away long enough for you stay distracted and miss out on the good stuff.

3 | It’s not the apocalypse

If you do happen to stumble and give way to fear, it’s not the end of the world, nor is it the end of yours. Keep on going and use that as a stepping stone to your next big goal. While you’re at it, put out some flare lights so other people on that same path know what to avoid.

4 | Talk to yourself

This world is yours for the taking so be the boss. You can either watch from the inside while all the other kids get a few scrapes and bruises while living it up, or you can say, “Today is today. Today is my day. I will conquer every mountain put ahead of me starting out with one step at a time.”

So go. Go out and live the life you imagined regardless of what fear tries to tell or show you.

– image: Coley Christine

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