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Have you ever crossed paths with another woman and felt an instant connection all the way down to the very depths of your core? Have…

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Finding Your Tribe | The Free WomanHave you ever crossed paths with another woman and felt an instant connection all the way down to the very depths of your core? Have you ever dove deep into a conversation with a free-spirited stranger, and walked away feeling like you had just caught up with an old friend? It’s almost as though the way that they carried themselves and treated those around them with such an uplifting grace and undeniably open-hearted attitude left you thirsting to get closer to their quiet, yet ever-present energy.

Think back to the last meaningful conversation that you had with someone in your life – was it filled with negative chatter, gossip, and ranting? Or did each topic discussed fill your lungs with passion, and leave your heart feeling inspired and empowered?

Growing up, life didn’t fill up my friendships with soul-rattling, strong-hearted girls. In fact, I spent the majority of my life kindling friendships with the males in my grade, simply because they weren’t so caught up in the drama that a small town often brings upon itself.

To be fair, we are all caught up in a web of confusion throughout the entirety of our high school experience. And in the spirit of honesty, I was completely unaware at the tender age of 17, that like-minded females were out wandering the earth on their own, waiting for the right time to cross my path. Not only was I unaware of their presence, but I was also blindly unaware that I, myself, had an equally wild heart that had only just begin to develop.

As we grow into the wild-hearted women that we were intended to be, life tends to drop equally strong and courageous women onto our paths; individuals with a passion for using one another to nurture and flourish the strengths that each of us possess. As the days pass, we learn to embrace that ever-pertinent calling in our souls. And, as we work to tune our hearts into choosing compassion, as opposed to competition, we end up filling every moment with like-minded goddesses that share in the movement of togetherness.

I believe that once we embrace the personal journey of self-discovery and empowerment, we’ll realize the importance of these deep soul connections, all the while simultaneously shedding the personal connections that used to drag us down.

In truth, everything in our lives takes time. Realizing who we are and what we believe in takes time. Deciding how we want to carry ourselves and represent our personality takes time. Figuring out who we want to surround ourselves with takes time. But whether you’re knee deep in figuring everything out, already surrounded by your empowering tribe of kindred spirits, or in the midst of realizing how to impact those around you in a positive light, one thing remains the same: we are all in this life together.

Not only are we all in this movement together, but we also all wake up each and every day with the same choice: what can I do today to better the lives of those around me?

– image credit: Kaihla Tonai

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