The First Year of The Free Woman

“The Free Woman is a new community of women. A community valuing relationship over masked emotion, living feminine and strong in who she is, who…

“The Free Woman is a new community of women. A community valuing relationship over masked emotion, living feminine and strong in who she is, who knows she’s valued so she can in turn value others, and gathering the women in her life, because after all, we grow better together. The Free Woman is not an automated response to the human heart, but built on a desire to live authentically, freely and completely.”

These words were penned in the first ‘Opening Note’ post on A whole year on from 2 June 2014, TFW is evolving ever so lovely. Multitudes of feminine hearts have not only joined the journey, but are actively contributing to it. For that, we are so thankful and excited!

Before the website launched, various creative friends were jumping on board to contribute as well as a few ‘online friend bloggers’ I’d connected to over the years. However, I never imagined it would what it is today or that life would be so enriched because of the women who’ve connected to it.  

Lesson learned? Just take a risk and do the leap. You’ll never know if something will work or not if you don’t ship it out there for people to see. Once it’s out there though, the possibilities are limitless – you can actually refine and tangibly see your beauty. Nothing is able to grow if a seed is never planted.

But more than that, the people you meet along the way make the journey worth it. The women who are now a part of TFW and have generously contributed their time and skill to it, we would have never crossed paths without if this didn’t launch. 

As we look forward to the next year, well, we’re full of great vision and hopeful expectancy. This site is merely the beginning chapter of this movement and story.  


Here are some highlights from the year that’s been:


In this first year alone, over 30 individuals have contributed to, in the form of articles and/or photography. These women come from Melbourne and Sydney, Los Angeles to New York, England, around Canada, Sweden, and even the Dominican Republic. Wow!

By far the best part about this has been the relationships and friendships formed, and seeing their individual journeys unfold. Some of these gems have landed dream internships and careers, to stepping into entrepreneurship and launching a business, launching an Anorexics Anonymous Club, gotten or will be married in the coming weeks, and more. The below is just a small snapshot of some of these lovely ladies:


{Launching ‘So Lovely, So Free’ mugs!}

The talented Lizzie Miller generously designed the text (how darling is it?), and then we launched these beauties! They’ve been shipped to around Australia, the United States, Canada and Sweden. PS: If you’d like to win a free one, check out our giveaway here.

{Being A Linden Clover Clover}

One of the major highlights for TFW was sponsoring Linden Clover, a Photography Workshop in California! This is an opportunity we never saw coming – not yet anyway! The creative founders, Sarah and Lindsey, approached us about it and we’re so glad they did! Connecting with these women and seeing the images from their beautiful workshop was well worth it, not to mention a special surprise seeing images of our mugs (like the one below!) being gifted to the lovely attendees! 


{#solovelysofree Instagram feed}

As of now, 5,900+ #solovelysofree images have been posted on Instagram. It’s a timeless statement that reflects a woman who creates the life she desires to lead. We can’t wait to see it continue to blossom and spread, and you can join us – just hashtag it on your Instagram snaps!

{Top Posts}

Freedom Found, Worth Redefined, by Sara Dreier

Emily Dean & Verity Varee are Redefining Beautiful, interview by Bethany Morris

Finding Your Tribe, by Kaihla Tonai

5 Travel Essentials (You Can’t Pack In A Bag), by Jessica Moody

The Fierceness of the Feminine Heart, by Delaney Kunitz 

Here’s to an even more stunning year ahead – collectively as The Free Woman, and individually as free women.

Much love and gratitude,

Bethany Morris

To celebrate our first birthday we have sweet giveaways happening every week, starting today with a ‘So Lovely, So Free’ mug! For details on how to win yourself one, check it out here.

Do you have your own personal highlight? Please share it below! We’d love love love to know how TFW has influenced and inspired your life, and celebrate your wins alongside you!

– image credits: 1) Abegail Mazo 2) images captured via personal Instagram accounts, 3) Linden Clover

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  1. Congratulations!! I am so happy for you and so happy that I have found TFW. I would be honored if I could join the TFW team by writing or taking pictures. Is that possible?

  2. HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY!!! I’m so incredibly honoured to be a part of this incredible community!! Here’s to many more years of inspiration + loveliness to come!! ♡

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