The Foundation of Friendship: Loyalty

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Being asked to discuss loyalty when you’ve constantly struggled with having people walk in and out of your life doesn’t seem like an easy task. But funnily enough, the idea of loyalty is one that I hold steadfast no matter what.

The dictionary describes loyalty as a “faithfulness to commitments” or an “adherence”. Synonyms for the word loyalty include “devotion” and “reliability”. These words all imply a sense of devoted attachment to someone or something. Loyalty connotes sentiment and the feeling of devotion that a person holds for their friends.

Although there’s a dictionary description of the word loyalty, I believe there are numerous qualities that make up the word loyal – being truthful, forgiving and selfless.

A loyal friend is one that possesses these qualities and follows through with them daily without ever wavering, regardless of the circumstances.

It can be difficult to have a friendship without loyalty, although it’s quite easy to misunderstand what that actually means. Many people confuse loyalty with obligation. You’re not being asked to drop your entire life and devote it to keeping your friends happy. As a friend, you are not obligated to take care of your friends nor are you obligated to carry them every step of the way.

Loyalty is something that comes naturally, that feeling of want. You don’t need to be there for your friends, you want to. That’s where the difference lies between a loyal friend and a friend that is eventually going to up and leave.

People who up and leave are usually the same people you often hear saying friendships are “too hard” or involve “too much work.” However, true and loyal friendships are the easiest of all.

Loyal friends go the distance no matter what obstacles are thrown their way. It’s true at times your loyalty gets taken for granted, and it’s true your loyalty can be misused, but never let that change the way you love people, nor let it change the way you treat them.

Loyalty will keep your friendships alive and sustained.

Loyalty is what makes friendships last forever.

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Author: Marina Solomon

Marina is an aspiring writer who loves too much caffeine and all things New York. When not planning her next trip to the Big Apple, you can find her swooning over the latest magazines, adding to her nail polish collection, or laughing at Charlie, her adorable pug.