Free People


Uninhibited. Wanderer. Free Spirit. These words evoke such an excitement within our souls. Thoughts of adventure, throwing off the obligations that tie us down bring a rush of adrenalin. When we hear those words, they resound within our souls since they capture something that we were made for.


There is something about wandering, about not being restricted, that seems so appealing. Whether it’s as elaborate as quitting your job to travel the world, or as simple as experimenting with different ways of dressing, the life unhindered, the life of the free spirit, is one we perceive as adventurous and exciting.  It is the life we all dream of.

People tend to characterize the life of the free spirit by wandering, seeing it as the cure all for the stresses that serve as bondage in everyday life. But wandering does not automatically entail freedom. It can be easy for us Free Spirits to allow our experiences to define our freedom, so much so that we are only free when we are moving around, never committing, never following through because we want to keep our options open.

That’s not freedom.

That’s being captive to experience.

What happens when we don’t have an experience? When we have a moment that isn’t incredible? It is in those moments that we realize we are shackled by the need to seek. There’s nothing wrong with searching, but what are you looking for? Is there a destination? Or are you just seeking for seeking sake?

The truth is, freedom comes when you realize that your identity and destiny are not found in being free of commitment, but found from your Creator. You are created for greatness, to experience fullness of life without having to chase it around the globe, or from job to job, or from boyfriend to boyfriend. Freedom is knowing that there is an unshakable foundation on which your identity is based. When you realize that, you’ll be free to dream big and live extraordinarily without the burden of trying to make your life spectacular. Because it already is. You just have to realize it.

Author: Tayllor Lemphers

Tayllor is a visionary and creative heart passionate about story and women discovering their true identity. If given the option, she’ll take the mountains and pine forests over any other setting any day. Tayllor currently resides in Los Angeles but will always be a Canadian girl.

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