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Since the beginning, The Free Woman has loved Thryve Magazine! In July of last year we even interviewed Founder, Rachael Homcy, and it’s been a treat watching…


Since the beginning, The Free Woman has loved Thryve Magazine! In July of last year we even interviewed Founder, Rachael Homcy, and it’s been a treat watching Thryve literally, thrive.

Their mission is to inspire and empower women to not merely exist, but to live fully alive. Now they’re four print issues in, have a social media following over well over 5,000 and are empowering women from all over the globe. Beautiful!

To celebrate TFW’s first birthday, Thryve is generously giving you the opportunity to win a digital collection of issues one to four!

You can enter this giveaway by:

1 | Commenting on this post below by answering the question – “How are you living fully alive?”

Extra entry via Instagram:

Note: extra entry only applies if you’ve commented on this post below

1 | Repost the graphic below (you can find it on their Instagram here) and be sure to tag both @thryvemag + @thefreewmn in the image, and #livefullyalive + #solovelysofree

Why this particular graphic? Because it’s so true and women need to know that they are beautiful, intentional and alive for a purpose.

 Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 12.19.21 pm

Best of luck, beauties! x

GIVEAWAY CLOSED // Winner: Cydney Irby

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 8.09.12 pm

– image provided by: Thryve Magazine

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  1. I’m living fully alive by allowing myself to be honest. Telling others how I’m feeling honestly, and not saying “too blessed to be stressed” knowing full well I’m slowly drowning inside. Also learning to trust in the Lord in the unknown. Most importantly, letting the Lord take the wheel and watching Him slowly work things out in my life. I think when we truly let go of control, that’s when He starts using us. It’s at that specific moment that we say, not my will by yours Lord.

  2. I’m living fully of alive by chasing all my crazy, wild dreams (like owning my own business in Dream On Youth, becoming a full-time photographer, relaunching my personal blog + YouTube, and going on a grand adventure to Europe) while embracing other people. I am leading by example that you CAN love yourself and others without losing yourself. I am living fully alive by getting ready to share my story of how Dream On Youth came to be, on Wednesday, with our entire online community. Raw, uncut, ugly tears, grit, failure, success, happiness, and all. I am living proof that there is always hope and that there is more to people than what meets the eye. And to top it all off? I am terrified of doing all of these things. I get anxious and nervous and I’m human. I’m no superwoman but I will fight for what I love and whom I love with everything in me.

  3. I am living fully present by slowing down and loving life in it’s mess. As a mum of two small kids I am doing my best to live inspired with cereal on my clothes and tantrums to boot. Xxoo Amanda

  4. I’m living fully alive by not giving up. Facing everything that comes on my way, and humbly accepting I can’t control everything. I’m living fully alive laughing and crying, having eight hours of sleep or barely sleeping. I’m living fully alive by choosing life everyday, taking everything it offers, because life is a full package.

  5. Love this amazing magazine!
    To me living fully alive means to enjoy every little moment and try to make it is good as possible so it will be worth remembering.

  6. i am able to live fully alive because Christ is alive! and has given me eternal life and I can live in the freedom and enjoyment of Him <3

  7. I am striving to live fully alive by listening to God and risking all to do whatever He says. The lies, doubts, and shame that surround have no place in the life of a free woman!

  8. By the faith and hope I have in God, who I know has the utmost perfect plan for me, I am able to live fully alive. The worries, doubts, and fears that hold me back at times are washed away as I put that faith and hope in God–and with that, I not only live fully alive, but I live freely in the hands of my Creator :)

  9. I’m living fully alive by saying yes to things and giving life my best. By doing my best and striving to be who God has made me to be, I think I can achieve a full life. By living with kindness, love, grace, and determination I feel like my life and the choices I make are fulfilling and pleasing to God! I love this magazine and all it encourages its readers to be :)

  10. By no longer allowing fear to reign in my life, and exploring all the places I’ve wanted to go but never did for lack of someone to share the experience with.

  11. I’m living fully alive by living a life of saying yes! If it seems to hard or I am afraid of it I will try anyways. I’ve learned that it’s ok to try something and realize it’s not for me. I’m not afraid of failing. Currently I took a year to study my passion of songwriting in Australia though many days I am not sure how I’m going to do it I just know that if I dont I will regret it. I live fully alive but realizing that time = life – how I am spending my time is how I spend my life.

      1. Yes! I’m definitely going to come to Melbourne and would love to have coffee! I love thryve and am always screenshotting your quotes :) I didn’t realize you were out of australia! One of my friends writes for you guys sometimes I think :)

        1. Ah, love that you love it – regramming quotes gets us so happy! Whenever you do end up coming down, shoot me an email (bethany@thefreewoman.com) and we’ll have to work something out! :) x

  12. I’m living fully alive by allowing the Lord to shine through me! I’m not living by the worlds standards, nor am I placing my identity in those around me. I’m (striving) to be who He made me to be. I’m still learning, but I’m placing my life in His hands and allowing Him to make me more like Jesus each day!

  13. I’m living fully alive by staying near to The Lord and abiding in Him. It is when I do this that my life will bear good and much fruit. (John 15) Life near Him is always full
    of adventure!

  14. I’m living fully alive by serving my family in the mundane, and also taking life one step at a time. I’m in this odd transition time in my life, so it’s been so important to my growth and life to be serving.

  15. I am living fully alive by seeking Jesus in the everyday moments. Jesus tells me that He came to bring life and life in abundance, so I am trusting His word and allowing the grace of that truth to wash over my life each and everyday, hour by hour, moment by moment. To me, living fully alive is about accepting the imperfect parts of myself and my life along with the nicer parts, and allowing Jesus to work through all of it. Hallelujah that He makes all things work together for the good of those who love Him.

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