Don’t Just Go To Go, Go To Grow

Don’t go just to go. Go to sow, go to grow. A big cultural misconception we all have is that if we are not moving…


Don’t go just to go. Go to sow, go to grow.

A big cultural misconception we all have is that if we are not moving out, around or up then we remain stagnant, or even worse, stunted. If we are not going on mission trips to India, moving up the corporate ladder or moving around with a busy schedule in tow then we feel inadequate; as if to say we are missing out on something big.

To paraphrase the words of Marcel Proust, adventure and change is not solely dependent on seeking new landscapes but having a new mind.

You can travel to Cambridge, England and still feel like you’re back home in Cambridge, Massachusetts – and not just because one town was created to mirror another. It’s possible to rack up thousands of travel points only to feel like you never stepped an inch off your front stoop.

It would be a complete shame for our generation to look back and realise the climax of our lives was nothing more than doing the same thing over and over in different locations. Not only would it be a shame, but also crazy. We are young, yes. But are we foolish? No! Let’s prove whoever said “Youth is wasted in the young” wrong.

Get out. Explore. I mean really get out. Get out of the mindset that there is nothing new to learn, do and see. Do not be confined to your preconceived notions on how the world outside your norm looks – it will ultimately prove you wrong and eat away at your opportunity to live life to the fullest.

How can you do this? Just go.

Get out and get to know a place for more than the history given in your local tourist guide. This is a call to everyone to literally and figuratively get off the well-beaten path.

Additionally, to those who for one reason or another do not find themselves on foreign soil, you have no excuse.  The fact that you may still live in the same room that was once your nursery, or even if you’ve moved around enough times to know your neighbourhood like the back of your hand, you are not exempt from this plea either. We owe it to our present-day selves and we owe it the people that we will one day be.  It doesn’t matter whether we go 100 miles, 500 or a few thousand away, a lot can be learned, experienced and gained from these new-found travels.

When should you do this? Now. Even if there is only one reason that validates your desire to go, grow and sow, that far outweighs all the excuses not to.

– image by Wojtek Witkowski

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