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Quick Ways To Stay Happy & Healthy All Week Long

We all know how easy it is to get wrapped up and tangled in the seemingly endless tasks that need to get done by Friday….

Quick Ways To Stay Happy & Healthy All Week Long | thefreewoman.com

We all know how easy it is to get wrapped up and tangled in the seemingly endless tasks that need to get done by Friday.

You dive in headfirst with the best intentions and before you know it, you’re slogging through never-ending emails at 11pm and haven’t even thought about dinner yet.

Don’t worry, beautiful. We’ve got your back.

Add these tips and tricks to your toolbox and you’ll make it through the week with energy to spare!

Tip | Eat your greens

As kids, this is something no one wanted to hear.

Spinach? Gross.

Kale? No way.

But lets take a minute to hop off the veggies are gross train and hop onto the we love our bodies train instead.

Dark and leafy greens are amazing (just like you) and will be your partner-in-crime when it comes to boosting your energy, making your skin glow, and all the while keeping your insides running like a well oiled machine. These leafy goodies contain powerful antioxidants and are absolutely packed with amazing vitamins and minerals that help keep you feeling your best.

The best part about your greens is that they are versatile. Drop a handful of spinach or kale into your favourite smoothie (berries, yogurt, bananas, apples…) and whiz it up for an amazing breakfast or afternoon snack! Roast some trimmed kale leaves with a little olive oil and salt for a super satisfying crunchy snack. Make a hearty spinach salad with almonds, goat cheese, and strawberries. The options are endless, and your body and mind will thank you endlessly!

Trick | The one hour wind down

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as when you finally manage to drag yourself to bed and can’t get your brain to quiet down enough to sleep. You just end up tossing and turning, constantly checking the clock and counting down the hours you have left to attempt a decent sleep. I say we should skip the whole ordeal and nip it in the bud!

Give yourself an hour before you want to go to bed to wind down. Close your laptop, turn off your TV, dim your lights. Take your time brushing your teeth and flossing, wash your face, and finish up your night time routine. An hour goes by quickly and having some quiet time away from technology, noise, and bright lights will give your brain time to stop spinning its wheels and start to slow down. You might find that by the time you’re done getting ready that your exhaustion catches up with you – this is okay! That means you’re ready to fall into bed, bury yourself in your favourite blankets, and fall asleep. Giving yourself a little time before sleep helps your body take a breather and will benefit you big time in the long run.

Tip | Infused water is your friend (and you feel a little fancy)

Skip the soda and powdered crystals when you’ve got a busy week ahead.

On your next grocery shop, pick up some lemons and lime, your favourite frozen fruit, and if you don’t already have one, a nice big reusable water bottle. The night/morning before you leave for the day, take a slice or two of citrus and a small scoop of fruit and add it to your bottle. Fill it up to the brim with water and take it with you! You’ll find that throughout the day, you get to enjoy a refreshing and yummy drink that will spark your metabolism, give you energy, keep you hydrated and encourage you to drink more water!

Trick | Stretch

This seems pretty simple but it makes a huge difference.

When you’ve been hunched over your computer for hours and hours, it’s important to stand up and give your body a few minutes of TLC. If you work at a desk, stand up and wiggle your hips back and forth, stretch your arms up above your head, and make sure your get that circulation going again! If you stand at work, circle your ankles and wiggle your toes, bend at the hips and stretch your back, and even sneak a few squats in there to loosen up those major muscles.

Sneaking a few minutes of movement in throughout your day will help you keep your energy up and your body happy, which means you’ll feel less sluggish when you’re finished for the day!

Now over to you! Do you have any tips and tricks that you use to get yourself through a busy week? We’d love to know! Comment below.

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