How To Make The Most Of Your Internship

If you had asked me six weeks ago whether or not I was ready for an internship, I would have laughed. From the moment you…

How To Make The Most Of Your Internship | The Free Woman

If you had asked me six weeks ago whether or not I was ready for an internship, I would have laughed. From the moment you decide or are told to find one, it’s a whirlwind of a rollercoaster that’s exciting and daunting all at the same time as you go through the journey of rejections and no responses. But the moment you secure one, it’s invigorating and a whole new ball game begins.

Currently interning in a new environment and office, there are new experiences and challenges to face every day. In the midst of this, it’s important to learn as much you can.

Here’s some ways you can make the most of your internship experience:

 1. Step out of your comfort zone

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” – Neale Donald Walsch

You’ve heard the quote before, but it’s the truth. Whether it excites or makes you cringe a little doesn’t matter; it’s fact.

A lot of us can be creatures of comfort, usually avoiding experiences that make us uncomfortable or feel out of place. However it’s when we accept these new challenges that push us out of our familiarity that we’re able to gain a new perspective and expand our knowledge. You’ll never regret stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new. There’s always something to learn, something you never knew and something you can expand your experience in. Once you’ve stepped out and faced this new experience, you’ll be content and be proud of yourself. 

2. Put your hand up for everything you possibly can

Volunteering to take on many tasks is an important thing to do. Not only does it show you’re passionate about what you’re interning for, but it also builds up your repute and portfolio. Putting your hand up is the best way to gain knowledge and expand your skill set. You’ll be challenged and while at times it may be scary, it shows how dedicated you are to reaching your own career goals. Keep in mind that you’re interning because you want a future career in this industry. Do everything you can to attain skills for your future.

3. Don’t be afraid to fail

It’s okay if you can’t get it right at first. You’re new and are there to learn. If you had all the knowledge and experience then you wouldn’t need to be gaining greater understanding or practice. The beauty of interning is that there’s not much you can do that classifies as a failure. Ask for help in all cases, it doesn’t mean you’re incompetent, it means you’re willing to learn and are thorough in what you do. Asking questions shows your motivation and passion.

4. Accept constructive criticism

Criticism can be painful, daunting and downright ego busting. Don’t allow yourself to be offended by it though. Constructive criticism is beneficial and allows you to understand exactly what you need to work on. Not only that, but it will benefit and guide you to becoming better at what it is you’re doing, for now and possibly the rest of your life.

5. Be Kind

Gaining an internship is no exception to this rule. Jobs, especially within the media industry, can be competitive. By doing things with kindness it shows that you can get things done and be the best you are without ever lowering the standard of your character. Not only will you build up a brilliant reputation, you’ll also be doing everything with integrity and love.

On top of that it’s important to be kind to yourself. Once you’ve accepted criticism it can be easy to become disappointed or hard on yourself. Be kind, you’re learning, and be your biggest fan.

Interning can and should be challenging. Never give up, maintain a healthy attitude and never belittle yourself. Enjoy the exhilarating and motivating new journey.

Now to you – Have you interned before? How did you make the most of yours?

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