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7 Instagram Hashtags To Fall In Love With & Use

Instagram is easily one of our favourite social platforms. Day in and out you’ll find us posting and building relationship on @thefreewmn, swooning over the…

7 Instagram Hashtags To Fall In Love With & Use | thefreewoman.com

Instagram is easily one of our favourite social platforms. Day in and out you’ll find us posting and building relationship on @thefreewmn, swooning over the latest images from you on #solovelysofree, and getting inspired by the creativity and beauty found on other hashtags.

Because of this little app on our iPhone, we’ve discovered and connected with so many like-hearted women and organisations. Many of these have created and are building stunning communities as a result of their hashtags.

More than simply hashtagging “for the likes”, we are all about digging deeper, discovering their purpose, and being intentional in supporting what they’re building. Below you’ll find a list of 7 of these stunning hashtag communities. We chatted to the creators behind each of them to give you a look into their meaning, purpose and substance, too. Enjoy and happy hashtagging!

#AKINWOMEN, created by @mumsyapp

akinwomenWe value community and we thrive off of connection. We were inspired by the wanderers, wonderers, and everyday wonder women in our lives, so we created #akinwomen to celebrate our feeling of connectedness across cultural barriers and generational differences. From mother-daughter love to that much-needed coffee date to the creative rumble of business building, it is sometimes our differences that make us so alike.

Read our previous interview with the Mumsy founders here to find out more about their mission.

Above curated #akinwomen image credits. In order: @elanaloo / @lewislaneco / @reachalana / @besoulpowered / @gofitjo

#LIVEFULLYALIVE, created by @thryvemagazine

Thryve Magazine Live Fully Alive#livefullyalive represents the core desire at Thryve Magazine – to be a tribe of women who know they are beautifully created and intentionally placed by God. Women who don’t just exist or even survive but are thriving. They long to see women rising up, choosing joy, claiming victory, and walking in freedom because of Jesus. Women that capture not just big moments but the little ones that hold treasure. We love to see what pictures roll through – the sweet little moments that beg to be captured, the heartache that asks for prayer, the laughter that is contagious through the screen, the adventures that inspire courage in us. Everything we do, everything we are is centered around living fully alive.

Fun fact: we interviewed Rachael Homcy, Founder and Editor in Chief of Thryve Magazine, when it had just launched back in 2014, and I’ve also had the honour of contributing in one of their past issues. Be inspired by their thriving journey here.

#MAKEITBLISSFUL, created by @martinedeluna / @makeitblissfulMake It Blissful

“This hashtag began when I started to blog under a new brand. The term “make it blissful”, for me, meant that we could make the most out of every situation or moment, good or not-so-good. In the hub, we encourage those who join in the hashtag to capture moments of bliss, small joys, something pretty that made them happy. It’s gotten to a point where Instagram friends and readers became moderators and curators for the hashtag, and they’re from all over: Asia, Europe, Australia. I love that Instagram can be a place where people from all over can share these snippets of joy, together.” – Martine De Luna, Make it Blissful

#LIVEVERITYVAREE, created by @officialverityvaree

VERITY VAREÉ is built on the idea that beauty and you go hand in hand. Their hashtag #liveverityvaree literally means, “To strike truth.”

Emily Dean, Founder of Vv says, “If we can strike this truth in our daily lives by recounting things that bring us joy, the beauty we see in others, and the beauty we are recognizing in ourselves, we can transform our hearts to a place of thanksgiving and joyful industry. #liveverityvaree is a small, fun way to put images to this pursuit of beauty and truth we are learning at Vv… And it’s created the loveliest online community!”

You can learn more aboutVERITY VAREÉ in our past interview with Emily Dean here.

#SEEKTHESIMPLICITY, created by Shantelle Rodman @whistleandawhim


#seekthesimplicity reflects Shantelle’s love of simplicity, minimalism, soft muted colours and every day beauty. She started this hashtag about a year ago with a desire to inspire others to seek out these moments, as well as a way of sharing and showcasing the many talented users on Instagram with a mutual love for this aesthetic.

“The #seekthesimplicity community has grown larger than I ever imagined since its beginnings”, says Shantelle. “I love scrolling through this feed and getting an insight into so many different personal worlds. It’s also been rewarding to have connected to so many creative people.”

Images via Shantelle Rodman’s Instagram account @whistleandawhim

#PEOPLEHOPETRIBE, created by @peoplehopeorg

IMGL1348People Hope is a young web-based organization dedicated solely to sharing authentic, life-changing hope with people all over the world who battle daily chronic illness, regardless of diagnosis. This hashtag is an extension of their mission and a way to uplift and encourage others.

With over 13,000 posts so far, it’s become an album curated by courageous, brave people all over the world who share profound commonalities. The community is composed of an active, engaged, and open-armed group of people who are personally living with chronic illness, as well as individuals who are simply passionate about sharing hope and want to join People Hope in their mission. The basic idea: if you’re daily choosing hope no matter what you’re going through in life, you belong in the tribe!  

Read our past interview with the brave Anna King, People Hope Founder, here.

#THENATIVECREATIVE, created by Stef Etow @inkandpulp + Michaela Cisney @saltwatermocha

thenativecreativeDancing shapes cast from shadows, symmetries of steel, stick and mud. Among the noise of images on the internet, #thenativecreative is for those who relish the beauty of two things: simplicity and spontaneity. This is the community for those with the curiosity to notice, the patience to pause, and the impulse to capture that fleeting moment. It is for the one who sees what others do not, uncovering the magic in the mundane.

Credits for the above curated #thenativecreative images. In order: @arrowandsage / @spathumpa / @waillun / @dnazty / @christygutzeit

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Do you have a favourite hashtag? Share below! Would love to know about it x

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