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You Are A Lighthouse

There are two types of people in this world, those who must talk to fill the silence, and those who do not. I was born…


There are two types of people in this world, those who must talk to fill the silence, and those who do not. I was born a listener, a quiet wallflower with rarely anything to contribute to a group conversation. My soul yearned for one-on-one conversations that delved so much deeper than small talk; it wanted the conversations that asked the tough questions and brought up those honest heart-bearing topics. I would, and still do, find myself silent rather than attempting to give advice that has not been thoroughly thought out, hanging back to observe rather than find myself amidst the action, or waiting for others to come to me in times of need as opposed to seeking them out.

To this day, when asked, I will respond that the favourite quality that I posses is being a good listener; listening is all that I have ever known, it is all that many of us have ever known. We find comfort in the silence. We are ever-present – if only mentally – in conversations. We contribute whole-heartedly and with plenty of thought. We are at peace knowing that it is okay to have nothing to say in return.

I believe that our breed of wild-hearted women, those who listen more than they speak, or who observe more than they partake, are often overlooked and misunderstood. We are thought to be distant, shy, quiet, and antisocial. Being born a listener may insinuate that you are often found observing from the shadows, but that isn’t to say that you are any less a necessity to this beautiful life that we are living.

You were born to proudly carry that calming energy that you behold within your being. You were created to embrace this powerful gift because you have happily made your peace with the silence a very long time ago. You know, better than anyone else, that conversations often hold more importance when there is nothing left to say, and that the silence is so much louder than your words could ever be.

As the introvert that I am, I hold tightly to the spoken or written words that have been shared with me over the years, and I wanted to share with you one of the most meaningful compliments that has harboured shelter in my heart over the last few years. A good friend told me that I am like a lighthouse, and I know with every bit of my being that we, my dear, are lighthouses.

We do not chase after those in our lives. We do not seek out mundane conversations. We do not fill the vast darkness with unnecessary words. We are still. We are strong. We are always watching, constantly listening. We are here, and we are using our soft light to help guide those around us safely back to shore.

– image credit: Kaihla Tonai

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  1. This is so beautiful! I find reading about how other introverts manoeuvre the world and use their quietness both to their advantage and to help others really inspiring. Thanks for this piece!

  2. I completely agree with you on us being lighthouses, couldn’t have put it any better then that! Shine on beautiful soul! ❤️

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