Looks Aren’t Everything. Trust me, I’m a Stylist

Style. Fashion. Beauty. These are words we throw around a lot these days. Some think they have it. Some wish they had it. And yet…

Style. Fashion. Beauty.

These are words we throw around a lot these days. Some think they have it. Some wish they had it. And yet others unsure of what it even is.

So let’s talk about it.

As a Stylist, it’s my job to tell people what looks good on them, how different colours highlight different features, and certain fabrics or shapes work really well for their bodies. I can give them tips on their hair and make-up to elevate their look, I can pair the right shoes with any outfit. I can show you how to wear a shirt five different ways. I can tick all the boxes to say I’ve done my job looking only from the outside.

But what I can’t do, is make you believe that you are beautiful beyond doubt. That you are valuable, worthy and born with purpose. I can’t flick the switch inside your brain that allows you to see yourself in a different light. A unique and beautiful light. A light that doesn’t speak negative or critical things about self. These perspectives can only be changed by those who choose to believe them.

More than anything, I want my clients to walk away looking good but feeling even greater, because let’s face it, external appearances don’t really mean much if you don’t believe in and love the person who’s wearing it.

You can have all the designer labels and be known for having the largest shoe collection since Imelda Marcos, but when the make-up has been wiped off your face and the shoes have been put back in the closet for another day, what do you see? How do you really feel about yourself? Because that right there is what really matters.

I love fashion. I love how it has the ability to express yourself without having to use words. I love that there are so many options out there for everyone’s taste and personality. I love fashion and I am not ashamed to say it.

But I don’t define myself by what I wear. I won’t see myself as only the clothes and labels I have hanging in my closet. I am more than that. I am first and foremost a daughter, made with incomparable detail and for a divine purpose. I am loved, wanted and accepted despite the daily challenges I may face.

You may look great to everyone else but feel so horrible when you face yourself. I know, for I have been in that place myself. I struggled for many years. Hoping, wanting, begging to see myself as beautiful and special.

What shifted my perspective?

I made a conscious choice to stop believing the lies and started to declare new truths into my life that inspired hope, beauty and passion. I may not have believed them at first, but sometimes you need to tell your mind to catch up with your spirit.

The world will scream for your attention and try to get you buy into the lies of what those three tiny words at top of this page mean, but they don’t get to make that choice. You do. Give yourself permission to let go and love yourself completely, lumps and all, for it is all beautiful. Enough with putting yourself down. Oh sweetheart, I hope you begin to discover how amazing you really are.

Style. Fashion. Beauty

So, what’s your perspective?

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