Making The Most Of Life’s In-Between Seasons

Everyone always wants something better – a better job, car, house, work-out plan, or just a general way of being. I’m not saying it is…

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Everyone always wants something better – a better job, car, house, work-out plan, or just a general way of being. I’m not saying it is a bad thing to desire something more, because it’s not. That want is human nature and it has the power to show us just how willing and determined we really are. However, between those transitional stages of searching and reaching for that “better”, between the alterations and the flip-flopping of it all, what is also just as important is what you did in the in-between. Did you improve the surroundings around you? How did you, for the most part put someone else’s needs above your own? Can you truly say that you have changed since the last transition you were in?

Here are a few things to keep in mind the next time you’re in between phases, stages, or places – just remember, everyone’s journey is a different so this list is in no specific order:

Trust Your Hustle

Don’t think because nothing is happening right away that nothing will happen at all. It doesn’t take one day for a rock to turn into a ruby, and you my dear were born to glow brightly.

Place Purpose Over Position

Given our innately fierce ambition it’s no question if we will get there, so stop focusing on the end result.

Look at whatever “better” is for you as the destination and your steps to get there like Google Maps; there are so many different paths to get to wherever you’re going. Don’t just take the quickest and most boring route, allow this stage in your life to guide you along some of the most gorgeous views and breathtaking scenic roads ever. Stop to enjoy the little things that you couldn’t do if you were to rush through this process. Drive slowly enough to grab some awesome life souvenirs. Pick up a friend on the way – not solely for the sake of good company but maybe because maybe they don’t have the means of transportation to move on themselves like you do.

Realise that you may never be in this position ever again

That point may be a little finalising and dramatic, but it is true. Whether it’s a terrible or good position you’re in you always want to look back and realise you did everything and gained all that you could. I mean there is no worse feeling than being on a plane ride home after a terrible everything-that-could-wrong-did-go-wrong trip only to realise you left your favourite scarf or pair of earrings at the hotel you stayed at. Horrible as that time was, you won’t ever be able to go back and get it because you didn’t take the time to check and take an account for all the [good] things around you; you were too much in a rush to get out.

Be Thankful

It can be a bit difficult to find something to be thankful for given the fact that things could be better, but it’s not impossible. Today is one move closer than you were yesterday and a whole lot closer than you were last year. I’d like to think that if our elementary-school-aged selves could see us now they’d bring us in to career day with the biggest smile on their faces.

So, while wanting more is not a bad thing, if not checked frequently that want can turn into selfishness and greed, which is never a good thing. By the time you reach the end of doing all these things yourself, notice how not only did your situation improve but so did everything around you too! Learn to love the moment you’re in no matter where or when it may be.

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