Me Too

Me Too {Poem} |

The black is creeping closer.
You say this as though
You’ve already given up,
As if you won’t keep fighting
To see the fullness of your cup.

I want to argue,
To shake you,
To only tell you how
The sunshine I know so well
Is still shining on you now.

But I know that anything I say,
You will not hear,
You’re not the person I always knew.
The black is creeping closer,
And I can do nothing to shield you

From the anguish I have known.
Instead I must stand here, helpless,
Waiting for you to learn
That the brightness of days past
Will eventually return.

The black is creeping closer,
You say with deadness in your eyes.
And all I can continue saying
Is I love you as you are.
And if the black continues creeping,

Then I will stay right here.
Let me follow you into this darkness,
Oh God please let me in,
Let me see your shady insides.
You are so much more than

Chemicals gone wrong,
Than the imbalance
That has invaded your mind.
And please always remember,
That though right now the black is all you find,
I will continue waiting,
Until the black is left behind.

– image credit: Elizabeth Ramos

Author: Carly Bell

Carly is a twenty-something Los Angeles native who is learning to live a whole life: one filled with both the ups and downs that come with being a living, breathing human being. Her perfect day would be spent at the beach with a delicious latte in hand, writing poetry and laughing with friends. She is passionate about people, encouraging both them and herself to live by a standard of grace rather than perfection.