My Body Is


My Body is a miracle, part of a great design.

My Body is incomparable.

My Body is more than a broken reflection in a mirror.

My Body moves me to action.

My Body has limits.

My Body cannot fit any societal mold.

My Body will not be abused or objectified.

My Body has purpose.

My Body will be adored, not scrutinized.

My Body will not be labeled.

My Body holds my spirit, my intellect, my joys, and my sorrows.

My Body needs to be cared for.

My Body is a temple; I will treat it as so.

My Body is irrevocably mine for consent.

My Body will continue to serve me for the rest of my life.

I will not wish it to be any different.

– Photo by: Nadeena Seodarsan

Author: Sara Dreier

Sara is a twenty-something optimist with a creative streak and love for the Creator. The little things that bring her joy are strong coffee, her cat Louie, all things vintage & the art of exploration. While studying Editing, Writing and Media, she is striving for authenticity and dreams of promoting self-love and addiction awareness for young women.