My Letter To Grace

Dearest Grace, You have constantly given of yourself to me, so here is a little something for you. Grace, had it not been for yourself…

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Dearest Grace,

You have constantly given of yourself to me, so here is a little something for you.

Grace, had it not been for yourself and your ongoing generosity, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I don’t even think I’d be standing on my own two feet had it not been for you. I definitely wouldn’t be in the state of liberty, joy and freedom as I am now.

Grace, you’ve been a heavenly sweet scent that has always followed and waited on me all of these years. I’m sorry that there have been times where I have neglected you.

Grace, you have constantly worked on my behalf; you have been so inspirationally selfless – absolutely selfless. There is nothing you can gain from me, yet you befriend me like my own skin and I’ve the world to gain from you.

Grace, you comfort me in the stillness; you comfort me in the quiet. You breathe purpose into my soul that I may exhale the sweetest remnants of you. Grace, I find it my duty to apologize for overlooking you. For years you waited on me, you were the balm to my ache, you were the salt to my wounds, you were the answer to all my questions but I was too stubborn to embrace you with my heavy, soiled arms.

In all truth, facts and definition – I do not deserve you. I’ve done zero deeds for you and yet you still love me completely in the height of my worst state. You’ve taught me to love my scars, you’ve taught me to overcome all things with kindness and love. You’ve taught me that love covers all and that there is no greater weapon than Love. You are here for the imperfect, you’re here for the broken, you’re here for the needy; you are here for me. Remind me to never forget you.

Grace, you’ve covered and completed me when I recklessly pulled myself apart. You live to serve me, you live to love me. Amazing grace, you give me hope, you give vision to the tired, you give courage to the weary, and you give new beginnings for those at wits end.

What I love about you is how you see beyond every flaw in each person and see it as an opportunity to be an ambassador of love. You fight that people may love and accept love.

Grace, thank you for all you’ve done for me, you will always out do me with your well of generosity. Your loyalty has not gone unnoticed. You have softened my heart from what the world had hardened and I would not be the free woman I am today if not for your tenderness. Grace, I am overjoyed that I met you and that you found me.

Thank you, my dear Grace.

– image by: Silvestri Matteo

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