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Undress Your Heart {Poem} |
Inspired Poem

Undress Your Heart {Poem}

undress your heart undress your heart.  slowly, softly. gently.  for under it, lies beauty. undress your heart. know that your heart is fragile and the undressing might hurt. under your heart live the most precious parts of you. the…

On Facing Hard Things |

On Facing Hard Things

A few nights ago, I had a dream and it was as vivid as they come. I was walking down a serene neighborhood street on a sidewalk lined with tidy houses and manicured lawns. Suddenly I heard a wailing,…

Why I Value Difficult Conversations |
Personal Development

Why I Value Difficult Conversations

An uncomfortable but inevitable part of every relationship is the difficult conversation. For many of us, they involve overthinking, fear, and avoidance. But as unpleasant as they may feel, difficult conversations are one of the hallmarks of strong relationships.…

Mental Health

The Mental Game of Chronic Pain

According to recent statistics, one in five Australians suffer with chronic pain. I never thought that I would be that ‘one’ until I was diagnosed with a condition two and a half years ago that has left me in…

How To Calm Your Storms In Love & Life |
Life Relationships

How to Calm Your Storms in Love And Life

There are storms inside all of us. Storms from childhood trauma, adolescent heartache, adult loneliness. Storms of inequality, systematic oppression, bitterness. Storms of fear of failure and fear of success. Storms of insecurity, anxiety, and loss. There are storms…