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Why I Travel |

Why I Travel

When I was younger I dreamed of  traveling to new places. I wanted to visit different parts of the United States, but also hoped to leave the country to see new cultures as well. At twenty years old I…

An Interview with Arielle Estoria {Writer, Speaker, Creative} |
Inspired Interviews

An Interview With Arielle Estoria

1. Hey Arielle! First off, tell us a bit about yourself and your background. Hayyy! My name is Arielle Estoria (Leda Wilburn). I am born and raised in Northern California but moved to Southern California for college and decided…

The Key To Video Confidence |
Influence Journal

The Key to Video Confidence

The Key To Video Confidence… is you! Usually I can tell just by the way my curly hair sets after letting it air dry if I’m going to have a confident, empowered, radiant-in-my-own-skin day or not. Seriously, good (or…


Finding The Courage It Takes To Bloom

“Bloom where you are planted.” – Saint Francis de Sales, Bishop of Geneva (1567-1611) At one time or another, chances are you’ve read these words for self-motivation and inspiration. It’s a timeless quote echoing the sentiments of our hearts desire…