5 Simple Ways to Live a Refreshed & Stress-Free Life

When it comes to nurturing a healthy and stress-free lifestyle, being in tune with ourselves is key. However, often we can get so ravelled up…

5 Ways To Live A Refreshed & Stress-Free Life | thefreewoman.com

When it comes to nurturing a healthy and stress-free lifestyle, being in tune with ourselves is key. However, often we can get so ravelled up in our daily lives that we neglect to properly nurture our body and mind.

The following guide is compiled of 5 easy-to-implement tips to help regain control of your life and work towards living a refreshed and stress-free life.

1. Pay attention to the details

It’s no secret that we all get overwhelmed; life is filled with infinite moments, countless decisions, piles of budgets, appointments, exercise schedules, and meal planning, just to name a few.

Trying to conquer this heaping pile of to-dos can easily get to be too much. But, if we break things down into smaller pieces and take on tasks one at a time, that overwhelming anxiety will begin to dissipate.

We should never become so fixated on “the big picture” that we neglect to live our lives in the way that it is meant to be lived: one incredible moment at a time.

2. Drink more water

This may seem like an unnecessary reminder, but it’s one that needs to be reinforced regularly. The majority of us forget how crucial water is to our survival, let alone our well-being.

Water isn’t for the sole purpose of hydration, it’s an incredible resource that helps to brighten our complexion, aids in our mental clarity, detoxifies our bodies, energizes our being, tones and firms our muscles.

If you can’t bring yourself to drink endless glasses of water throughout the day, or if you seem to get bored with just drinking water, try infusing a pitcher of water with cucumber, mint, raspberries, etc, and store it in your fridge – the longer it sits, the more flavourful it will get!

3. Shed whatever is bringing you down

With the absence of change comes a habitual routine, and more often than not, we are accustom to staying in these comfortable ruts simply because it’s easier than making a healthy change.

Being in a routine isn’t always a bad thing, but it’s important to check in with ourselves every now and again and ensure that we’re nourishing our body and mind properly.

Nourishment comes in many different forms and shouldn’t be constrained to the physical action of feeding our bodies. We gather nourishment in all forms throughout our lives from the books that we read, to the physical activity that we do, to the job that we’ve chosen, to the circle of friends that we allow into our lives.

Every decision we make can either nourish us in positive or negative way. Every choice we make has an impact on our well-being.

4. Meet up regularly with inspiring people

As an adult, especially if you’re one who works from home, meeting and making new friends isn’t as easy as it once was. Unless we’re involving ourselves regularly in weekly fitness classes, book clubs, or other social gatherings, we aren’t able to fill our lives with other inspiring energies.

Make it a habit to get outside of your comfort zone and meet a like-minded soul who will fill your life with inspiration and positivity. Making new friends is never something that comes naturally, but we can use social media tools like Instagram and Facebook to connect with others in our own cities who we may have already found inspiring simply by the images or words that they share on their news feeds.

I know that messaging someone for the first time can be a daunting task, but just be brave, they’ll most likely love the thought of getting together!

5. Go for a walk/drive

Often times, the resolution to a problem or the cure for a bad attitude can be found in a simple change of scenery. It doesn’t take much to give your mind a fresh perspective, which is why taking a short (or long) walk around your neighbourhood is sometimes all that we need.

Make an effort to get outside and fill your lungs with fresh air, even if that means going for a destination-less drive with the windows rolled down.

However you choose to lead a meaningful and stress-free lifestyle, the important thing to remember is that you’re never alone in this process; as organic entities, we’re always changing, ever-flourishing individually, yet alongside of one-another.

Use this shift into a new season, whether it be spring or fall, to consciously take care of your body and mind while slowly taking the steps to lead a more refreshed and stress-free daily life.

5 Simple Ways To Live A Refreshed & Stress Free Life | thefreewoman.com

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