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How Sharon Luecke is Helping Brides Rediscover Their Heart

Welcome! First off, tell us a bit about yourself and how The Bare Bride came to be. My name is Sharon! I know I know,…

How Sharon Luecke Is Helping Brides Rediscover Their Heart | thefreewoman.com

Welcome! First off, tell us a bit about yourself and how The Bare Bride came to be.

My name is Sharon! I know I know, it’s a middle-aged woman’s name but what can ya do but pat your parents on the back and say, “gee, thanks”. I’m a highly creative and intuitive twenty-something INFJ married to a kindhearted, hilarious genius named Jake, and we’re currently living the dream on the coast of Maine. My favorite days are filled with yoga, reading, seaside hangs, seafood eats, good conversation, and all the writing.

The Bare Bride was born out of the experience of my messy, broken, beautiful, engagement. Being a bride was intense and filled with so many challenges, decisions, celebrations, heartaches, and romance, but the depth of my journey as a bride was minimized to conversations about silhouettes, venues, and color themes. I longed for more meaning and for the focus to be on my future marriage above all else but was beyond disappointed to feel lost in a materialistic, shallow culture on the cusp of one of the biggest decisions of my life.

I created The Bare Bride to offer something deeper and more heart-centered than a lot of other resources out there to engaged women and it’s been AHMAZING thus far.


Love love love how you’re all about getting back to the heart and helping feminine hearts feel at ease and set free during their engagement. What is the most important thing a woman can do for herself in this season?

Trust. Trust in herself, the value of her needs, and the priority of her relationship.

With so many voices telling engaged women what they need to have, do, lose, gain, and be… it doesn’t take long for women to lose themselves during a time that they should feel nothing but found and celebrated for who they are and the love that is theirs.

Trusting your gut above all else will help you avoid stress, relational heartache, debt, comparison, anxiety, and so many other icky things that the majority of brides face.

How Sharon Luecke Is Helping Brides Rediscover Their Heart | thefreewoman.com

How do you try to take care of yourself and your own heart? Any self-care tips or “non-negotiables” that must be a part of your day?

I love the quote by Paul Coelho in the Alchemist where he says, “You will never be able to escape your heart. So it is better to listen to what it has to say.”

And I think that has been the sweetest, most powerful gift I’ve given to myself – choosing to listen to my heart rather than hush it into muffled pleas. I listen to my heart when it says it needs sleep, laughter, a vent session, ten sun salutations. I listen to it when it longs for adventure, intimacy, silence, noise, alone time, community. I listen and I don’t judge or blame or mock.

As a free-spirited creative, the care that my soul and body needs changes day to day so while I do stick to a few things that nourish me daily (yoga, time outdoors, journaling) the only non-negotiable thing around here is to listen and always do my absolute best to respond with intention and kindness rather than self-inflicted shame or guilt.


What is your favourite memory, success, opportunity or part of building The Bare Bride so far?

Because The Bare Bride exists, there is a woman who is married to the man of her dreams today, and that puts a fire in my soul, big time.

Several months ago, I received an email from a confused, heartbroken women who had decided to cancel her wedding. She felt alone, stressed, and angry at how things had turned out when her hope for how her engagement would play out was so different. She began to associate all of these negative emotions and disappointments with the experience as a whole, including her relationship with her future spouse, leading her to question and doubt all of it.

But because she stumbled across The Bare Bride and reached out to me, I was able to help her recognize the true sources of her stress, confront those negative emotions, and see that she didn’t need to have, do, or be anything else. She was enough. Her relationship with her future spouse was enough. And all of those other voices, opinions, and pressures contributing to her heartache were distracting her from what mattered most.

Being able to help a woman embrace that healthy perspective and move forward like a conqueror rather than give up on her wedding as a whole is a gift I will treasure for the rest of my life.

"Stop scrolling through social media and start scrolling through your heart." - Sharon Luecke

What has been, or continues to be, your greatest challenge {in life or business!}, and how do you overcome it?

I struggle with the follow through, in all things. You don’t even want to know how many half-read books, half-written journal entries, half-complete brainstorms, half-attended yoga classes are in my life right now. The wind is always pulling me and my mind in different directions and while I love giving myself the grace to flow freely, a seed can’t grow if it is only half planted. My relationships, income, and confidence have all suffered because of my struggle with this. The way to overcome it seems to be two-fold:

1. Don’t force something that isn’t meant to grow in the first place – just let it go. If I’m not enjoying a book, I don’t have to finish it. And I don’t have to feel bad about not finishing it. I can just move on.

2. Always always always simplify. The less you put on your plate, the sooner you’ll finish the meal. This means I need to say no to what I put on my plate, a lot. This also means I need to be ok with imperfect (it’s easy to not show up and follow through when you’re focused on how imperfect everything might turn out in the end).


As a creative heart, do you have any routines or sources of inspiration that help with sparking creativity?

Yaasss! Get. your. ass. outside and offline! Stop scrolling through social media and start scrolling through your heart. Listen to the sounds of the earth. Welcome the different temperatures, seasons, and wildlife. Feel the wind in your hair. The sun on your face.

There is nothing more wild than creativity. So where better to unlock your creativity than in the wild?

How Sharon Luecke Is Helping Brides Rediscover Their Heart | thefreewoman.com

What characteristics do you admire in other women?

I admire women who can be both sweet and bold, tender and strong, wild and grounded, confident and humble. I see so many women forsake one part for the other, as if they have to choose. To embrace both forces #likeaboss makes you a goddess, in my mind. Wanna grab coffee?!


You’re chatting over coffee with a feminine heart, what gem of wisdom would you share with her?

Stop looking to everyone and everything else for the answer. You already know.

Lean in. Shhhh. Listen. Trust.

"Stop looking to everyone and everything else for the answer. You already know." - Sharon Luecke

{quick favourites}

Song | Get Free by Lana Del Rey OR Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac

Quote | “Attend first to the divine and the work at hand becomes art.” – Danielle LaPorte

Instagram account | @aubreyyrenee – this woman, though. SO incredible.

Go-to cafe order | Iced Vanilla Chai

Time of day | The quiet hum of dusk

Sharon Luecke is a writer, creative entrepreneur, and founder of The Bare Bride where she helps brides and wedding professionals bring more heart and relationship into engagements. She lives on the coast of Maine with her husband, Jake, where she spends her days reading, doing yoga, eating local, and soaking up good conversation – preferably all on the beach!

TheBareBride.com | Instagram: @thebarebride | SharoneLuecke.com | Instagram: @sharon.luecke

Images supplied by Sharon Luecke. Second image credit: Elizabeth LaDuca Photography

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