The Silver Linings In The Seasons

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 presetAm I the only one who is constantly waiting for something? Every week I’m counting down until Friday. Every winter I’m waiting for summer. Every month I’m waiting for payday.

There is always something I’m waiting for and it feels like this constant waiting steals my joy of the now.

Earlier this year I realised each season is going to be here sooner or later. Instead of fighting it, I decided to make a conscious effort to appreciate the opportunities that each life season can give, that any other season can’t.

Learning to budget on a monthly wage is a challenge and often the only amount for weekend leisure leading up to payday is a coffee or two.

On a recent cost effective wander in the city with my brother it started to pour down with rain. With no umbrellas we ran for cover into the nearest building. The building turned out to be an art exhibition and a couple of hours later we left so creatively inspired and with a sea of ideas, all cost free!

That day I learned that every season has something to offer.

551193_2196116478031_540270569_nThere were many things I hated about the colder seasons – the sun setting three hours earlier making the days shorter or the rain stopping you from enjoying the outdoors. While it annoyed me that the weather kept me from venturing outside, why wasn’t I ever glad that it kept me inside?

The cold seasons are prime seasons to catch up on anything and everything: reading, knitting, television shows and movies. These are all the things I never do in summer because I’m too busy splashing in water, eating fish and chips and playing Frisbee.

As I eased on complaining about winter, its silver linings became more obvious. Silver linings like better quality of sleep because the early sunsets have me in bed early, or using the fog on my car window as a blank canvas for friends to write messages and draw pictures that would make me laugh for days.

It’s a shame to think of how much joy we rob ourselves of in each season as we eagerly wait for the next. While this is in the literal seasons of winter and summer, it’s also in life seasons – being a student, being single, being engaged, being financially secure or financially insecure, etc.

There is always something to appreciate and be thankful for in every moment, in every now and in every then. Sometimes it’s before your eyes and sometimes it’s a hidden gem tucked away.

 – image sources: 1) Abegail Mazo, 2) Benji Majdlik

Author: Abegail Mazo

Abegail is a pen and paper enthusiast who has recently discovered and fallen in love with the language of photography. Outdoors and out of reception is her ideal setting. If she could have dinner with anyone on this planet, it would be David Attenborough (his shout of course).