Sowmya Pelluru is So Lovely, So Free

I remember the first time I noticed the countless doodles all over my papers. Doodling had always been something I had compulsively done in order…

Sowyma Pelluru

I remember the first time I noticed the countless doodles all over my papers. Doodling had always been something I had compulsively done in order to relieve stress or escape from a dreary moment. As I got older, I realized that there was one thing in common with all my escapes – they were not doodles, they were designs. That was the first moment of confusion. I was 10 years old.

Growing up, I began to realize that those around me only worked to survive and create a safe place for themselves and their family; thinking that you must do the same is normal. I took on this journey of survival and studies for 21 years. Now, I am in the last year of my collegiate career and am frantically trying to piece together a successful strategy to take my passion and make it something profitable.

Although it brings me peace that I am graduating with two strong majors, I will always wonder what would have happened if I had gone to a design institute like FIT, SCAD, or Parsons – a place that focused on what I wanted to bring to the world, and dove into the desire that I felt best suited myself. Lucky for me though, I was able to study abroad in Paris, France last semester giving me the hub of the fashion world at my hands. There, I began the foundations of my company and have slowly been building a stamina for the future I wish to have.

I knew I wanted to incorporate the idea of “Fashion for Good”. I wanted to have wanderlust and the passionate soul of humans show through the brand. Setting up a blog, starting on designs, finding a seamstress, and researching business names and looking into all things legal have been on my list of being proactive.

Suddenly, while standing amidst a fabric store, I realized that I was free. I felt happy. I turned a passion into a idea, an idea into a plan, and now, I stand amidst a sea of materials that will be my future spectacles. The feeling of euphoria when you suddenly realize you are doing what you love is beautiful.

I feel free from stereotypes and chains. I have a short term and long term plan that will fulfill this passion. My place of study only limited the knowledge that I refused to obtain on my own. With the world at my fingertips and every bit of information on the Internet, I am learning everything I possibly can about the enigma that is Fashion, outside of a classroom.

Short term:

Go. Go anywhere. Find a job that is in the industry you want to be in, and learn everything. No matter how small or big the job. Take it on. Oh, and move. New York City, London, Seattle maybe even back to Charlotte). You need a big city, with a focus in what you love in order to thrive.   

Long term:

Create brand awareness and a good following, followed by the opening of a series of boutique sized stores with a small selection of my own designs in each. To grow expansively, without borders. Have the company be so lovely, and so free. Because, if what you do doesn’t reflect who you are, your passion will start to fade.

I am learning to never let your current circumstances determine how far you can fly. The best thing in the world is realizing that the options are limitless and you are never too far behind, as long as you start somewhere. Look past your doodles and see what lies underneath the endless scribbles and understand the deeper meaning for what you desire.

Be happy. Understand passion. Impact the world. Change perception. Live oh, so lovely and oh, so free.

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