Staying Organized In The Middle Of A Stressful Week

Staying Organized In The Middle Of A Stressful Week |

Sometimes it’s hard to manage a schedule, and even harder to stay ahead of it. We have one to-do list piling on top of another and it can be overwhelming. However, knowing your personality, work ethic, and providing the time to complete your projects can make a difference. Here are a few tips to help you stay ahead and stay organized in the middle of those seemingly stressful weeks:

1 | Write it all down

When I am starting to feel overwhelmed I write all of my thoughts out, from laundry and errands to big projects. This allows me to see what’s ahead and also gives a sense of relief knowing that I don’t have to worry about consciously remembering all of the tasks.

It’s hard to keep everything together in your head, especially if there are several tasks at hand. Get your thoughts on paper so you can order them and plan for the amount of time you need. Plus, we all love the satisfaction of crossing it out when we’re finished!

2 | Stick to the schedule

If you make a plan to get something out of the way, stick to that. I’ve made the mistake of procrastinating (haven’t we all?) and it leaves me panicked until the last second. In moments when you lack motivation, take a quick break and change your usual scenery so you can focus on meeting your goal. You might even work more effectively by tackling a completely different project than you planned, but if you are able to work faster and harder, switching projects is a better choice.

3 | Use your time wisely

This can be very challenging, especially because life is unpredictable. You can either go about your work by getting the small tasks out of the way or tackling the bigger, more time-consuming ones first. I find that getting the small tasks out of the way leaves less on my plate and allows me to plan for the bigger tasks with nothing else in the back of my mind.

4 | Plan to rest

Yes, plan to rest. In our on-the-go world, it can be easy to miss this time of relaxation and disconnection from all the noise. Carve out this time of rest for you to recharge; whether it’s with a lovely friend, a cup of coffee or tea, a good book, or a nap and a movie, this time is all for you! This time is important in the middle of our busy lives because it’s easy to say yes to favors, but more rewarding to find rejuvenation. You’ll be a better version of yourself and you’ll be less stressed when you take these moments to disconnect from the demands of your schedule!

5 | Don’t be hard on yourself

It takes practice to be organized, but the most important thing is learning what works best for your own personality and strengths. Learning the ways you work best is key to planning the time to tackle your to-do list. Remember to forgive yourself when you feel overwhelmed and take a deep breath. Ask yourself what you can do next time to prevent these stressful moments, then take Tay-Tay’s advice and shake it off!

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Author: Breanna Hardy

Breanna is a think big and chase her ideas down, kind of girl. She does her best to embrace the messy parts of life, and definitely clings to the sparkly parts with coffee in hand. Laughing until her stomach hurts and adventuring on road trips always recharge her! Oh, and shopping. Always shopping. Read her blog here.