Stepping Out Of Motherly Guilt |

Thoughts On Motherly Guilt and Intentionally Pursuing Your Dreams

We hold our first child in our arms and our lives are never the same again! They consume our hearts, our minds and our whole…

Stepping Out Of Motherly Guilt |

We hold our first child in our arms and our lives are never the same again! They consume our hearts, our minds and our whole world as we look into their little face and know that our lives are no longer our own.

In the beginning it’s all nappies, feeding, cuddling, sleeping (or not) and trying to remember how you use to once put a full sentence together or drink a whole cup of coffee while it was hot!

Suddenly you are kissing them goodbye at the school room while attempting to hold back your tears. You get back into your car and the emotions flood to the surface – your baby is gone.

What are you going to do now the season has shifted?

This is where I found myself a few years ago when my only daughter walked through the school gates for the first time. I went home and sat in the lounge room somewhat numb, and as I listened intently to the silence I found myself asking, “What now?”

The days that had been so consumed by playtime and nap time were now empty! And at the bottom of the emptiness was the belief that my full-time ‘occupation’ as a mother had come to an end.

The belief that Motherhood is an ‘occupation’ is an easy trap to fall into but Motherhood is not what we do – it’s who we are.

Maybe you find yourself in the nappy season, or the school season has snuck up on you, or maybe your once little children are now adults with lives of their own. Motherhood consists of ever shifting seasons that rarely looks the same from one week to the next.

The realisation that motherhood was not what I did but it was who I am, set me free from the guilt I felt as I began to chase new dreams.

Ah, motherly guilt, I am sure we all know it well.

Am I giving my children enough quality time? Am I feeding them the right foods? Am I letting them play enough? Am I teaching them all that need to survive in this world? We are so quick to condemn ourselves and so slow to give ourselves grace.

As mother’s we can so easily make ourselves choose between our children or our dreams! Right?! The great news is we can be nurturing Mother’s and chase our dreams – one doesn’t have to be at the expense of the other.

Motherhood should propel us towards our dreams not keep us from them.

As I have stepped out of the motherly guilt and into the pursuit of my dreams, my daughter has reaped the benefits. She sees the endless possibilities that are open for those who don’t shrink back and I watch as she steps out in the pursuit of her own dreams and desires.

Motherhood is who you are, it is woven into your dreams.

Darling, pursue your dreams with your whole heart and let your children see what courage, strength and determination can achieve.

Pursuing your dreams and becoming all that you desire to be will produce children who fearlessly chase their dreams! Don’t let false motherly guilt steal the passionate to pursue your dreams.

It’s time to dream some new dreams. Let go of the guilt and go after it!

Beauty, go hard after your dreams and see your children flourish in the wake of your pursuit.

– Photo credit: Jon Flobrant

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